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My Agent Ethan Joins ADAGP to Help Member Dealers Sell More Cars Faster with Auto Insurance Offer

In order for individuals to drive a car off the lot as soon as they buy it, they need to be insured. This has proven to be an obstacle to car sales for several reasons. Individuals caught up in the excitement of the moment may have time to reconsider their options or visit competitors in the time between seeing a car and buying it while they secure the insurance to drive it away. Ethan Andrew Kosmin is looking to help dealers sell more cars faster by joining the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia to provide superfast standard and sub-standard auto insurance allowing people to drive the car straight from the lot then and there.

Ethan Kosmin Joins Nationwide Insurance as a Principal Agent

The modern world can be a pretty impersonal place. In the past people had human interaction in their business dealings. Perhaps they were even friends, or at least friendly acquaintances. Now people mostly deal with large, faceless corporations. However some people in the insurance industry are changing all that. They are providing a more personal service to their clients, but with the same market leading policies that multi-national businesses bring.