My Dental Wig

Black Woman, the Owner of "My Dental Wig" Is Seeking Investment

Lydie Livolsi a Black Woman, owns the next Decacorn

Black Woman Owner of My Dental Wig Is Seeking Investment

My Dental Wig, a Los Angeles County based company, represented by its Founder LydieLivolsi, is excited to announce today its Seed to Series A funding round.

My Dental Wig Is "The Next Major Disruptor to the Dental Industry. (Think Smile Direct Club)": Dr. Kirsten Roling DDS (Dentist)

My Dental Wig, a Los Angeles County company with its Head Quarter located in Beverly Hills, California, represented by its Founder LydieLivolsi, is excited to announce today that of July 25, 2019, it entered an agreement to hire Virtual Dental Expo Inc. located at 1846 E. Innovation Park Drive, Suite 100, Oro Valley, AZ, 85775 represented by its CEO, Kirsten Roling, DDS (dentist), graduated from University of San Francisco to sell its Licensing. The customer is Licensee for the Licensing, and EB5 Visa Investor for the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment.

My Dental Wig Aims to Disrupt the Dental Industry with Alternative to Expensive Implants

Dental implants are an expensive, time consuming and often times, painful solution to missing teeth. According to Reuters, around 3 million Americans wear dental implants while millions more are believed to need them. It can cost up to $6,000 to receive dental implants which can seriously dent a person's finances; especially if they have no dental insurance whatsoever.

My Dental Wig Receives New Orange County Sales Manager

My Dental Wig, a Los Angeles County company is excited to announce its new Orange County Sales Manager, Dan Curtin, MBA, MAOM.

"MyDentalWig", a Pain Free Solution for Missing Teeth

My Dental Wig - A Los Angeles County based company, is pleased to introduce and present its innovative product "The Dental Wig", that solves the problem of missing teeth. The Dental Wig is an easy, painless, fast, affordable, long lasting false teeth, and excellent alternative to expensive, time-consuming and painful dental implants procedures. The product was designed by Lydie Livolsi, a qualified dental manufacturer in advanced dentistry including crowns, bridges, implants, inlays & onlays, dentures, orthodontics appliances. However, Lydie is more focused on replacing lost teeth.