MyWikiBiz Hosts Its One Millionth Page View

About 30 months after re-launching as a user-generated directory of businesses, individuals, and ideas, the site has hosted over 1,000,000 page loads. Its success as an alternative to Wikipedia for "less notable" enterprises to gain exposure and boost search engine optimization is apparently not flagging, either. The directory's founder, Gregory Kohs, explains his site's recent traffic patterns, "We had more unique visitors in August than we had in July, and July had more than June."

MyWikiBiz Sets Audacious Goal: 265 Million Pages

Having acquired the business database once hosted at, MyWikiBiz announces a monumental goal -- that the fledgling site will eventually become a 265-million-page user-generated directory. Established in Pennsylvania in 2006, MyWikiBiz launched a controversial service that authored articles suitable for Wikipedia in exchange for modest payment. The founder of MyWikiBiz rocketed to national exposure with favorable press coverage in the Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes, and a cable television appearance. Wikipedia, though, rejected MyWikiBiz. Assisting Companies with Placement of Articles on Wikipedia

A new service has begun at Companies and organizations that currently lack an article on Wikipedia can remedy that situation by using the services of