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Proxy servers can be used for content filtering, communication to daemon based antivirus software, filtering encrypted data, as well as accessing services anonymously. SSL proxies can be used by individuals or businesses for multiple applications across social media, SEO and Web Marketing to better control traffic and impressions to other users. Private proxies are one of the best ways for to protect identity and information online, and SSL Private Proxy is one of the internet’s leading providers.

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With the NSA in the news for blanket processing millions of users’ online data, Microsoft Outlook attacking other email clients for taking user data to target advertising and even laws being debated to outlaw online anonymity, the discussion of privacy in the use of the internet is at a fever pitch. Many users now wish to take proactive steps to protect their online privacy and ensure they can browse anonymously. allows people to do just that with its range of anonymous private and shared proxies and virtual private networks.