Natural Gumption

Natural Gumption Announces Tooth & Gums Tonic; an All-Natural Oral Rinse

Tooth & Gums Tonic, by the Dental Herb Company, is a superior oral rinse. Like all good commercial mouthwash, it is designed to provide a clean mouth, kill bacteria and freshen breath. However, Tooth & Gums Tonic works harder and longer, and is made from all natural ingredients.

Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator; Using Revolutionary Technology for an Ultra Clean Mouth

75% of Americans will suffer from gum disease in their lives. This is the main cause of tooth loss in adults. Regular brushing and flossing is of course recommended, but will only reach an eighth of an inch under the gums, leaving substantial amounts of bacteria in areas that are hard to see, and difficult to reach.

The Dental Herb Company Announces Tooth and Gums Paste: An Effective, Herbal Solution for Teeth Brushing

Tooth and Gums Paste is a special formulation of essential oils and natural herbs, offering its user effective protection from tooth and gum disease. Unlike other toothpastes on the dental market, Tooth and Gums Paste offers its users a nonabrasive and effective solution to oral healthcare.

The Rotadent Plus: Brushing the Way to a Beautiful and Healthier Smile.

The Rotadent Plus Toothbrush from Zila offers its user an effective and thorough deep cleaning experience, which serves to remove plaque twice as fast as any manual brushes on the market. This electric brush enables 92% plague removal in just one minute; meaning tooth decay is effectually targeted to a dentist’s standard. The Rotadent Plus’s visible foaming helpfully indicates that plaque is being effectively removed from the teeth and gums.