NEC Enterprise Solutions

NEC Enterprise Solutions Announce Market Availability of New (IP) DECT Gx77 Series Handsets

On 17th June 2019 NEC Enterprise Solutions announced market availability of the new (IP) DECT Gx77 series handsets, allowing for businesses across the world to benefits from carefree mobile communications, even in the most demanding environments. Since becoming available the new (IP) DECT Gx77 series handsets have already received much attention, with companies snapping them up to improve their business communications.

NEC Enterprise Solutions – Elevating Patient Management

NEC Enterprise Solutions, global leaders in communications and IT solutions, are renowned for the amazing communications and IT systems that they offer to the healthcare industry, offering systems that allow healthcare providers to display superior efficiency and patient care.

NEC Hotel Protection and Mobilisation – Preventing Tragedy Without Discomforting Guests

It is a mandatory requirement for all hotel managers to assess fire risks in their hotels and to ensure that adequate fire detection and alarm systems are in place. It is vital that control measures are implemented to prevent fires from starting and to enable people to evacuate quickly one does, and luckily for all NEC present the ultimate Hotel Protection and Mobilisation Solution - able to provide hotel managers with peace of mind knowing that if a fire does occur, they have a reliable and sophisticated solution in place to reduce the risk of further troubles occurring.

NEC Enterprise Solutions Share DECT Information: The Greatest Wireless on Premises Communication Technology

NEC Enterprise Solutions, a company renowned for enabling new approaches to how communications and IT services are delivered and managed, whilst providing enterprises with brand new ways to grow and operate, has recently updated their website blog discussing DECT (digital enhanced cordless technology), the most successful and popular technology for wireless on premises communications.

NEC Enterprise Solutions: Protection from Toll Fraud Attack

The rising risk of toll fraud attack is alarming with businesses now facing bills that can run into thousands and even results in bankruptcy when neglecting to ensure that adequate protection is in place. In line with this, NEC Enterprise Solutions, leaders in ICT, has introduced a simple and low cost solution that can defend businesses against these attacks – NEC's InGaurd application which is compatible with the SV9100, SV8100, SL1000 and SL1100 series communication servers.

NEC Presents Leading Smart Cruise Solutions at Seatrade Cruise Global 2019

NEC Enterprise Solutions, one of the world's greatest and most highly renowned information and communications technology leaders recently presented their new 'Smart Cruise Solutions' at Seatrade Cruise Global 2019, March 25th 2019 – showing off their latest innovation (Smart Cruise Solution) that is aimed at enriching the passenger experience on cruises whilst optimizing crew workflow effectiveness on board.