Neorb Lab

Neorb Lab Announces the World's First Bluetooth Headphone Adapter That Doesn't Just Only Do Streaming Music

LogoSo who doesn't want to put the nix on carting the smartphone around 24/7? Soon that will be the norm thanks to an international engineering team called Neorb Lab. Using simplicity as a working principle, they're set to launch a Bluetooth adapter on Indiegogo that does more than anyone has ever seen before. And why not? Upping the ante on the status quo, A.K.A. adapters that only wirelessly stream music from a smartphone, the company changes the game. Soon users will be able to listen to music wirelessly over any style of headphones, keep their smartphone charging, and never miss a call. And if a photo op happens, well, all they'll need to do is pose for the shot by using this Bluetooth device as a camera remote control. Welcome to AirLink.