New Body Lifestyle

New Body Lifestyle Launched as a Game Changer for Preventative Health, Wellness and Weight Loss is officially launched with the audacious statement leading the charge, “Diets Don’t Work!”. Finally offering a personalized approach to fill the void the site creates a community of likeminded members in hot pursuit of wellness in bite-sized pieces, quite literally. More than just a fully-customizable meal planner and exercise tracker allows its members to integrate nutrition and personal training into their daily lives and interact virtually while doing so. They can choose meal plans that suit their taste, edit those meal plans when tastes change, log meals, nutrients, calories and count exercise when doing multiple tasks. They can also do what’s likely unheard of when taking their lifestyle up a notch. They can reduce the cost of their food bill, beat temptation, reduce stress and welcome a variety of new tastes to their everyday lives; all while eating six meals a day.