New Disability

The Comfort Company Announces European Launch

A leading US manufacturer of wheelchair seating and positioning equipment is expanding to Europe. European dealers and distributors of disability, mobility and hospital products interested in obtaining rights are encouraged to contact

New Website to Be Platform for Disability Industry

A new website has been launched which is meant to be a platform for disability manufacturers and distributors at The website is intended to advance the commercialization of innovative disability products.

Assistive Technology: Past, Present and Future

Many people equate assistive technology with sophisticated electronic devices. This report dispels the confusion around assistive technology and encourages the reader to share their experiences in a new website at

Custom Wheelchairs: The Trend from Functionality to Individuality

Wheelchairs have been around for hundreds of years, but early wheelchairs were intended only to help a disabled individual move from point A to point B. As society progressed and disabled individuals became more integrated, the role of the wheelchair began to change as well. Wheelchairs are now considered not only a means of transportation but also as a way to allow users to express their individuality. Users can find custom-made high quality ultra-light high-performance wheelchairs as well as accessories that enable them to individualize their look and style. The move from functionality to individuality is discussed in this article.