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Secure Photo Gallery to Keep Privacy Intact

LogoThe use of smartphones is increasing ever since it was first introduced. These intelligent phones have no doubt made users’ life luxurious and easy. But, the incidents of getting a smartphone stolen are increasing day by day as they seem to be a liquid asset as they are extremely easy to sell further. Other than that, the biggest problem is that the smartphones that are lost or stolen, likely to spill out confidential data saved in them. It imposes huge risks to the privacy of users, who perhaps do not have even an idea about it. The users might not have taken the smartphone thefts in this aspect, but, it is a cruel reality.

A New Folder Lock Version 7.2.6 Is Now Released by Newsoftwares.Net Inc. for Files and Folders Protection and Security Inc. is an internationally renowned company that develops products, like Folder Lock, for data encryption and protection. Folder Lock allows customers to protect their PC, Android, iPhone or Windows Phone by encrypting, hiding and backup important pictures, folders, documents and files.