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New York Bariatric Group: Against All Odds - Resolution Keepers

LogoNew York Bariatric Group, one of the nation’s leading Bariatric Surgery practices, presents their very popular biannual healthy cooking demonstration, for post-surgical patients learning a new way to eat. Most have lost 100 lbs. +.

New Study Confirms There's No Such Thing as Fat But Fit

LogoA new study from a team of Canadian researchers which pours over data from multiple previous studies confirms that there's no such thing as "fat but fit". Not only is such a claim misleading, but it's also dangerous, encouraging unhealthy, obese individuals to be idle as opposed to take action and fight against their condition.

Weight Loss Surgery Is the Proven Winner for Defeating Obesity

LogoA new research study in the British Medical Journal shows that weight loss surgery is the most effective treatment for obesity. With bariatric surgery, obese patients lose more weight, in less time, and are better able to maintain those results, keeping the weight off to lead to real, long term success and health improvements.

Leading Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Garber of the New York Bariatric Group Appears on CBS Newspath

LogoDr. Shawn M. Garber, of the New York Bariatric Group, one of the country's leading bariatric surgeons, recently appeared on CBS Newspath, offering insight on binge eating, food addiction, and fighting obesity effectively with bariatric surgery.