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NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy Provided Tested and Proven Cures on How to Get Rid of a Painful Back Without Having a Need for a Surgery

LogoAs we age, our body especially our bones also age. Physical work and stress also add up to the reasons why our body sometimes ache and deteriorate. As we age, we tend to feel uncomfortable pain on our spine and the lower back. This pain may also be caused by injuries and other numerous factors. Our spinal cord which is located at the back of our torso is protected by 33 vertebrae which are made of bones. Between each vertebra are soft discs with a ligamentous outer layer. These ligaments serve as a protection of the vertebra and the spinal column. We experience back pain because of the wear and tear which causes the weakening of the disc, thus aging. Another reason is what is scientifically termed as herniation or the swelling of the disc which causes pain or numbness.

Physical Therapy as Part of the "Conservative Treatment" for Lumbar Disc Herniation, One of the Specializations of NY Sports and Physical Therapy

LogoLumbar disc herniation is a disease caused by the drying out of the spongy interior matrix of an intervertrebal disc in the spine, is best treated with the so-called “conservative treatment” that includes physical therapy.

Research Shows Physical Therapy Is a Better Long Term Treatment for Patients Suffering from Osteoarthritis and Meniscal Tears

Logo“Whether arthroscopic partial meniscectomy for symptomatic patients with a meniscal tear and knee osteoarthritis results in better functional outcomes than non-operative therapy is uncertain.” This is what the New England Journal of Medicine study wanted to prove in their recent study. The research later on identified that there is a need to persuade health care providers re-assess their approach to the administration with meniscal tears and osteoarthritis.

Revive the Healthy and Youthful Bodies of Athletes Through NY Sports and Spinal's Kinesiotaping Therapy

LogoThe goal: get back into shape. The solution – NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy’s Kinesiotaping Therapy

More Careful Than Careful: Guidance to Ensure Safe and Effective Physical Regimen for Osteoporosis

LogoExperts from the Too Fit to Fracture Initiative revealed the outcome of an international consensus process to outline exercise recommendations for people suffering from osteoporosis, with or without spine fractures. The guidelines are drafted to help health care practitioners all around the world guide their patients in doing their regimens safely and efficiently. It was presented at the World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases in Seville, Spain.