Newstead Belmont Hills

Newstead Belmont Hills Changes Vacation Rental Game with Fractional Ownership

LogoWith 45 suites and studios located in a luxuriously appointed island resort, Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa is changing the way travelers book accommodations in Bermuda with a new concept they call fractional ownership. Far from the timeshare arrangements offered by many other resorts, fractional ownership gives travelers a chance to own a deeded, fully transferable interest in one of the resort's rooms which they can enjoy in two week stretches, four to eight weeks out of the year.

Fractional Ownership vs. Timeshares... What's Better?

LogoAt Newstead Belmont Hills, lots of questions are asked on a daily basis about fractional ownership. What is it? How does it work? What financial benefits can people expect from fractional ownership? A lot of questions are also asked if fractional ownership is the same as owning a timeshare. While it may seem like these terms are interchangeable, there are actually several important differences between the two. Today, Newstead Belmont Hills would like to set the record straight by telling everyone why fractional ownership is a better option than owning a timeshare.

Newstead Belmont Hills Provides 5-Star Dining

LogoWhen taking a vacation, people expect to experience the luxuries that just can't be found at home. That goes for the entire experience: travel, accommodations, golfing, and of course food. Here in Bermuda, people can find some of the finest dining experiences anywhere in the world, so here is all about what culinary delights Bermuda local restaurants have in store for people during future trips to Bermuda's little island paradise.