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Affordable Wedding Décor Available from Newtown Party Rental

Spring and summer wedding season has arrived in Bucks County. Couples who are soon to be wed and their bridal parties are busy planning the perfect ceremonies, from small and intimate to opulent and grand. They all have one thing in common, however: Budgets. Those planning a wedding in Bucks County can turn to Newtown Party Rentals for beautiful wedding décor that adds refinement to any wedding ceremony without breaking the bank.

Tents for All Sizes of Crowds Available from Newtown Party Rental

Tents are the perfect way for Bucks and Montgomery County party hosts to create space outdoors that accommodates all of their guests while shielding them from the elements. Party planners looking for elegant, budget-friendly solutions for any size party, whether an intimate gathering or a bash with dozens of guests, will find what they are looking for at Newtown Party Rental. The company, in operation for decades, stocks a wide range of tent types and sizes to suit any event planner's whim.

Keep Guests Warm with Heaters from Newtown Party Rental

After the holiday event season, some party hosts are resting on their laurels for a while after another round of successful event planning in Montgomery County. But the lull in event season will not last for long. Soon enough, party hosts throughout Montgomery County and Bucks County will be on the hunt for tent rentals, chair rentals and other smart investments into their next event.

Newtown Party Rental Supplies Everything Hosts Need for Successful Event

Successful events are ones that seem to happen seamlessly: seating is comfortable, the temperature is just right, the music is perfectly timed and there's never a dull moment thanks to food, games and dancing. However, as any event planner knows—whether amateur or professional—any party or gathering is the result of hours of behind-the-scenes work.

Newtown Party Rental Supplies Chairs, Tables, Linens and More to Bucks County, PA

Based in Bucks County, PA, Newtown Party Rental has been the area's go-to destination for party supplies for over two decades. Over the years, the company has become an industry leader, offering a full suite of supplies for rent so that area residents and event organizers can host memorable events where each guest is thoroughly impressed by the décor, has a blast playing carnival games and feels comfortable thanks to plush seats and adequate temperature control. The company continues to offer premier party supplies to Bucks County as well as nearby areas.

IT's Not Too Late to Host an Outdoor Event with Supplies from Newtown Party Rental

As autumn settles in to Montgomery County, prime party season is also winding down. Newtown Party Rental, the area's leading one-stop-shop for high-quality party supplies and party rental services in Montgomery County, has enjoyed serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties this summer as they helped hundreds of hosts throw the perfect party. Although the high season for graduation parties, weddings, barbecues and the like has ended, Newtown Party Rental would like to remind its customers that they can throw great outdoor parties in the fall with the right supplies.

Newtown Party Rental Offers Complete Range of Party Supplies

Much goes into planning a successful party or event. Whether a birthday party, fundraiser, wedding or dance party, each event requires the right accommodations and supplies to make everything run smoothly and guarantee that guests enjoy themselves. At Newtown Party Rental, event planners and party hosts can find everything that they need to create the perfect atmosphere and ensure that their event is talked about for months to come.

Newtown Party Rental Now Offering Chair Rentals in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Event hosts in Huntingdon Valley, PA who are anticipating dozens or even hundreds of guests may be scratching their heads for a seating solution. Whether the event takes place indoors or outside, hosts need enough chairs for guests to sit and feel comfortable, but also want to remain in their budget so that they can splurge on lighting, decorations and entertainment. Newtown Party Rental offers a solution in the form of affordable chair rentals in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Newtown Party Rental Offers Tents for Any Size Occasion

Newtown Party Rental, Bucks County's preferred vendor for party rentals, understands that event hosts and party planners are under stress and pressure. One problem that party hosts frequently encounter is a lack of adequate, affordable enclosed space. Newtown Party Rental advises that Bucks County party hosts solve this problem by renting tents, of which they stock an extensive variety in a range of sizes for any number of guests.

Newtown Party Rental Now Available for Wedding Decor in Bucks County

Summer has brought wedding and shower season to New Hope and the rest of Bucks County. Weddings, bridal showers and baby showers have reputations for being expensive, but with supplies from Newtown Party Rental, Bucks County residents can host beautiful indoor and outdoor events while staying within their budget.