Newtown Party Rental

Newtown Party Rental Participates in Successful 2014 Tyler Tasting Event

Newtown Party Rental, a company that offers affordable services for party rental in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce that they participated in a successful 2014 Tyler Tasting. The event, which was held on June 5th, 2014, is Bucks County community College’s premier food and wine tasting event. The party rental company has been proud participants since 2002, and will continue their tradition in the future.

Stresses of Event Planning Can Be Managed, Says Newtown Party Rental

Organizing and planning events can be a stressful experience. In fact, recent studies have shown that event planners have one of the five most stressful jobs in the United States. However, according to Newtown Party Rental, there are multiple ways to manage the stresses involved with the entire process. The company that offers event planning in Philadelphia provides the necessary relief for most DIY event planners.

Newtown Party Rental Now Accepting Event Planning Appointments for Summer 2014

With warmer weather finally here, and the sizzling summer season quickly approaching, people are beginning to plan their summertime parties and events. Whether people are interested in planning a graduation party, birthday celebration, or anniversary gathering, Newtown Party Rental is here to help. The company is pleased to announce they are now accepting consultation appointments for event planning in Philadelphia, Bucks County and surrounding areas. The company has been assisting with the event planning decision of Philadelphia and Bucks County residents for over 25 years, and plan on making the events happening in the summer of 2014, more exciting than ever.

Newtown Party Rental Now Offering Concession & Game Party Rentals for Events This Spring

Newtown Party Rental is pleased to announce they are now offering concession & game party rentals for events this spring. A party rental for Philadelphia events should bring fun to an entire new level. After all, the guests don’t just want to sit there. They want to move around and be entertained. Entertainment is the main goal that the party rental company wants to provide with the concessions and games they are offering for rent. With the concession and games, hosts can enhance a theme and create laughter with these unique special treats. The best part about the concessions and games available for rent is that kids and adults can enjoy them.

Newtown Party Rental Now Featuring New Party Rental Items on Website

With the spring season on the horizon, many couples are kicking it into high gear with planning the perfect wedding. Whether they are getting a late start on weddings taking place in the summer of 2014, or getting an early start for weddings taking place in 2015, they know there is only one place to go that features the widest supply of party rental items. The party rental company is now featuring their latest party rental items on their website. N ewtown Party Rental is committed to giving their customers the best online shopping experience while choosing the rental items for their wedding.

Newtown Party Rental Announces Party Rental Services for February Events

Newtown Party Rental is pleased to announce they are now offering party rental services for all February events in the Philadelphia area. For over 25 years, the tent rental company has provided party rentals for Philadelphia and Bucks County events that take the excitement to the next level. From tents, to concessions and games, customers receive everything they need to make their parties stand out. Individuals hosting birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding showers, or other events, can contact Newtown Party Rental today. To speak with a company representative about the items available, please contact the company through its website or call 267-352-3134.

Newtown Party Rental Now Offering Tent Rentals for All Special Events in 2014

Newtown Party Rental is pleased to announce they are now offering tent rentals for all special events taking place in 2014. Last year, the company enjoyed much success providing their tent rental services to people celebrating special milestones in their life. The company is excited to look forward to an even bigger year in 2014, making Newtown party tent rentals more accessible than ever. People can begin to plan their big day by reserving tent rentals in advance. To request more information, or a rental quote, please visit the company website or call 267-352-3134 to speak with a company representative.

Newtown Party Rental Now Offering Lighting Packages for All Special Events

Newtown Party Rental is pleased to announce that they are now offering lighting packages for all special events. Lighting can make a big difference in the overall ambiance of an event and take it to the next level for a small investment.

Newtown Party Rental Now Offering Wedding and Shower Décor Rentals

Newtown Party Rental is pleased to announce that they are now offering Wedding and Shower Décor rentals. These décor pieces are perfectly chosen to enhance a tent rental for a wedding celebration event.

Newtown Party Rental Now Offering Concession and Game Rentals for Fall 2013 Events

Newtown Party Rental, one of the premier companies offering party rentals in Bucks County, is pleased to announce that they are now offering rentals of concessions and games for fall 2013 events. They offer a large assortment of concessions and games to make the next party the best it can be.