Nextflipbook Announced the New Version of Flash/HTML5 FlipBook Software Pro for Mac/Windows

LogoNextflipbook, a leader in providing Flash/HTML5 flipbook solutions, has unveiled new version of its Flash/HTML5 FlipBook Maker Pro, which helps users convert static PDF documents and images into interactive Flash/HTML5 flipbook. Flash/HTML5 flipbook refers to digital publications with realistic page turning effect. Online Flash/HTML5 flipbooks can be viewed via browsers of Mac, PC, iOS, Android and other mobile devices. Offline Flash/HTML5 flipbooks are created in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe. Next Flash/HTML5 flip book software provides multiple templates and scenes, allowing users to add logo, background music, password protection, Google Analytics ID, etc. The user-friendly preview window displays every change you make. What you see is what you get. With Next Flip Book software, users can easily upload flipbook to own website/server or to Nextflipbook Cloud. The management of online Flash/HTML5 flipbooks is within the flipbook software.

Nextflipbook Allows Business Owners to Convert PDF Publication to Digital Flipbooks

LogoNext FlipBook Maker lets business owners transform PDF documents into high quality digital flipbooks that readers can view on computers, iPads and mobile devices, with all original bookmarks and hyperlinks retained. With Pro version, it is extremely easy to embed YouTube video, local video, images, music, button, GIF, chart, hyperlinks to any flipping pages.

Nextflipbook Announced the Release of Digital Flipbook Software Next FlipBook Maker (Pro) for Windows 2.5.9 developers have updated the digital flipbook maker software - Next FlipBook Maker for Windows and Next FlipBook Maker Pro for Windows to allow users to create better flipbooks.

Nextflipbook Announces Next Flipbook Maker Pro Specialized in Creating Animated and Interactive Digital Flipbooks

LogoPopular digital publication software provider Nextflipbook announces Next Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac/Windows for creating animated and interactive digital flipbooks. Users can easily embed local video, YouTube video, music, image, GIF, button, hyperlink, chart, etc. to any digital flipbook pages.

Nextflipbook Announces Flipbook Maker for Creating Page Turning Digital Books

LogoNext FlipBook Maker helps users convert PDF digital books to Flash/HTML5 flipbooks with realistic page turning effect and multimedia.

Nextflipbook Will Release Powerful Responsive HTML5 Flipbook Maker

LogoNextflipbook, a leading company in digital flipbook publishing software field, is announcing the new version of Next FlipBook Maker will enable users to create code-free responsive flipbooks to suit laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android device readers.