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Stay Dry when Spending Time Outdoors

LogoMiami, FL – When life is throwing too many curveballs, a day resting with Mother Nature can help relieve the stress. Camping can be fun but being outdoors also means being exposed to the elements when doing something as simple as resting on a hammock. A few tips can help make the experience better.

Dealing with Summer Mosquitoes

LogoCountless people enjoy spending the summertime outdoors. However, the season often brings a greater mosquito presence. Sometimes it appears as if one person has a tendency of getting “bitten” by a mosquito than the other, and there is a reason for that.

Being Outdoors Does a Body Good

LogoAs research continues into the relationship between being outdoors and a person's health, science shows that some time at the park or lounging by a lake can reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and even reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases, allergies, asthma, and even diabetes. Moreover, outdoor time can boost mental health and possibly improve life expectancy.

Simple Tips for Outdoor Cookouts

LogoWith drinks that are fruity, it's common to see a bug fly into the drink and then become stuck there after falling in. An easy way to keep a drink free of bugs is using cupcake liners which will fit comfortably upside down on the drink without affecting it. Pop in a reusable straw and bugs in drinks will largely be a thing of the past.

Summer Tips for Staying Cool when Outdoors

LogoRemain hydrated. Profuse sweat because of the heat or physical activity serves as a reminder of the need to make sure the body stays hydrated. Think of the human body like an air conditioner. When the body heat turns up, its internal "A/C" kicks on, causing a person to sweat. Similar to an A/C, the "coolant" requires replenishing, and in humans, that means consuming lots of water.

Hammocks Outdoors Month

LogoHumans lead very active schedules, but it isn't necessary to get too carried away to enjoy an outdoor experience. It can be something as simple as pitching a tent in the yard. For families with young children that aren't yet familiar with camping, it's a great way to introduce the idea gradually.

Hammock Chairs for the Warmer Weather

LogoThe spring weather seems to be feeling a lot like summer weather these days. For those thinking about spending some time outdoors, a great way to add some more enjoyment when outside is having great company and great conversation. For such an occasion, consider one of our hammock swings.

Outdoor Products for the Spring Season

LogoThe Nicamaka Wicker Series is comprised of outdoor furniture that provides an upscale look while ensuring plenty of durability. Designed to take on the various weather conditions Mother Nature unleashes, this furniture comes in a variety of styles and sizes to add an ideal dash of décor to any spring patio.

Hammock for a Camping Trip

LogoSleeping in a hammock has often been said to be just as, if not more comfortable than something like a sleeping pad in a tent. Set up a tarp, secure the hammock properly, and the hammock will provide a cozy place to sleep.

Spend Time Outdoors in 2019

LogoNicamaka takes exceptional pride in its extensive assortment of premium quality hammocks, hammock chairs, and accompanying accessories. Our specialty is sprang-woven chair hammocks that are handmade by accomplished artisans using fine imported yarns. Customers can choose from Nicamaka sprang weave as well as Mayan sprang weave and cross weave fabric. Customers also have the flexibility of customizing a hammock with their name and logo.