Nick Lynn Technologies, Inc

Will the U.s. Government Protect Its Own Citizens Intellectual Property from Theft by the Very Government That Issued the Intellectual Property Protection

Copyright infringement is a growing issue that has the attention of authorities and legislators around the world. Copyright infringement is simply the unauthorized use of someone else’s intellectual property protected by copyright. Copyright infringement ignores the exclusive rights an intellectual property owner has over a copyright registered at the United States Copyright Office.

Nick Lynn Technologies, Inc. Investor Files $8.8 Billion Suit Against U.S. Department of Homeland Securities et al

An investor in Nick Lynn Technologies (NLT) has filed a lawsuit against multiple federal agencies, corporations and state agency and government individuals for $8.8 billion. The lawsuit claims the Defendants conspired purposefully in a tortuous act to direct false claims and fraudulent misrepresentations in concert with an implicit pattern involving private enterprises of Defendants to defame, defraud, deceive and injure the Plaintiff, the public, and Nick Lynn Technologies Inc. The Plaintiff is demanding a jury trial. The case filed in U.S. District Court Eastern Division of Arkansas May 18, 2012.

Lendell Earl Hillhouse, Sr. Sues United States Department of Treasury et al

Judge signed the ORDER accepting the $87 billion suit filed by Lendell Earl Hillhouse Sr. granting Motions for Leave to Proceed, and Motion for Service. The ORDER directs the Clerk to issue summonses and directs the U.S. Marshal to serve the Defendants.

Lendell Earl Hillhouse, SR. Sues United States Department of Treasury et al

Twenty-four government agencies, government individuals, and nine corporations have been sued in the United States District Court Eastern District of Arkansas Case No: 3:12-cv-00097-JMM. The case cites organized theft of intellectual properties asserting the defendants are responsible for massive piracy of multiple copyrighted works that are generating billions of dollars in illegal proceeds in concert with private enterprises causing more than $87 billion dollars in harm to the legal owners of copyrighted intellectual properties.