Nikomed USA

Nikomed USA Inc. Offering the Most Complete Line of Holter Electrodes and ECG Sensors

Nikomed USA Inc. has been providing the highest quality holter electrodes and ECG sensors for over 25 years. Before making the final decision on purchasing either product, customers can fill out a free sample form. On the form, customers can leave their information and fill out the product they would like a sample of. After filling out the form, a customer representative will respond quickly, ensuring the form was accepted. Customers can also feel free to contact the company over the phone during business hours (9am-5pm ET) by calling 800-724-5160.

Nikomed USA Inc. Now Offering a New Tab ECG Electrode

Nikomed USA Inc., the leader of the medical supply industry, is pleased to announce they are now offering a new Trace 1 ECG electrode part #0215. Customers can now find information on direct connect and snap foam resting electrodes. Nikomed USA Inc. offers two of the most popular and top-selling products on the market today. As a reliable partner in healthcare, Nikomed USA Inc. is always available to answer any questions or concerns relating to any of the products they offer. Customers can contact a company representative by calling 800-724-5160 to find out more information on ECG electrodes.

Nikomed USA Inc. Now Offering Tens Unit Electrodes This Fall Season

Nikomed USA Inc., the industry-wide leading supplier of medical products and accessories, is pleased to announce they are now stocked up with TENS unit electrodes for the upcoming fall season. TENS, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is alternative pain-relieving method for individuals who do not wish to use painkillers or other drugs that may cause side effects. Over the past few decades, TENS unit electrodes have become more popular to individuals who are suffering from chronic pain issues. Nikomed USA Inc. is the company many organizations within the healthcare industry turn to for high-quality TENS unit electrodes and other medical products. The company has a large variety of sizes in stock for the fall season. Those interested in purchasing TENS unit electrodes can receive a free sample of the product before purchasing. The sample/literature request form is available online and is easy to fill out.

Nikomed USA Announces New Rehab and Patient Monitoring Products

Already the industry-wide leading supplier of top-quality medical products, Nikomed USA announces new rehab and patient monitoring products for pre, during and post-surgery. New products being introduced by the medical supply company include tens electrodes pads, tens unit electrodes and adhesive electrodes. Nikomed USA is able to provide the highest quality products because they are dedicated to worldwide, quality distribution. Each distribution partner of Nikomed USA will receive the unmatched support and service that they deserve. For more information on the new products introduced by Nikomed USA, please call 800-724-5160. When calling Nikomed USA, there will always be a customer service representative available to answer any question or concern a customer may have. This is a main reason why distribution partners have been doing business with the company for over 25 years.

Nikomed USA Inc. Now Carries Sleep Electrode Pads for Polysomnography Sleep Studies

Nikomed USA Inc., the industry wide leading supplier of disposable electrode pads, now carries sleep electrodes for Polysomnography sleep studies. Used as a diagnostic tool in sleep medicine, Polysomnography is a comprehensive recording of the biophysiological changes that occur during sleep. Electrodes are attached to parts of the body and monitor bodily functions including muscle activity, skeletal activation, heart rhythm and brain and eye movements. The test is mainly used to determine if a patient has sleep apnea. Many health and medical centers around the United States have purchased electrodes from Nikomed USA Inc., because the company only carries the highest quality products for purchase. To find out more information about Trace 1 Sleep Electrodes, call 1-800-724-5160.

NikoMed USA Is Now Making Samples of Their Products Available for Evaluation

When it comes to medical products, finding the right one for particular medical needs can take some time. NikoMed USA understands this issue, and has made their ECG Sensors as well as all of their products available for evaluation. NikoMed USA is a leading supplier of disposable medical products with the state-of-the-art ECG electrode tabs as well as tens electrode pads and grounding pads.

Nikomed USA Inc Now Has Everything Needed for Cardiology Procedures

With the number of people developing heart disease and heart problems going up by incredible numbers each year, the demand for medical supplies that cardiologist use such as EKG electrodes has gone up as well. Nikomed USA Inc understands the demand for the products needed for the procedures that cardiologist preform and now has everything that these specialized doctors could need.