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No More Phone Tag Delivering High-Quality Medical Phone Answering Solutions at Extremely Affordable Prices

LogoNo More Phone Tag is offering its medical and doctor’s phone answering solutions at an easy-to-budget monthly flat rate, unlike its competitors that charge their clients by the call.

No More Phone Tag Providing Highly Accurate Phone Answering Solutions for Medical Facilities

LogoGreat businesses start with great customer care, and doctors' offices are no different. Considering this fact, No More Phone Tag offers high-quality medical phone answering solutions for private practices, as well as large healthcare facilities. The service provider makes sure that the after-hours calls of its clients are handled promptly, professionally, and without any hassle. If the call is not urgent, their patients can quickly leave messages for the next business day. Else, its experts notify the doctor on-call within three seconds.

No More Phone Tag Providing the Best Call Answering Services to Healthcare Facilities in the US

LogoNo More Phone Tag is contributing to the progress of doctors and healthcare practices with state-of-the-art call answering services. No More Phone Tag is a small yet organized operation powered by friendly and knowledgeable call handlers and cutting-edge technology. The blend allows the delivery of HIPAA compliant services, customized to any on-call schedule, requirement, or budget. Plus, real-time changes can be implemented and multiple doctors supported as per the need. When the patient interface is ensured efficiently 24/7/365, the clients can stay competitive and portray themselves as the best at what they do.

No More Phone Tag Is the Best Bet for Efficient and Affordable Medical Call Answering Service

LogoNo More Phone Tag is not just helping doctors, healthcare practices and property management firms to get the better of phone answering services but also enabling them to stay competitive and flaunt a professional image. Founded by Walter Lundstrom, No More Phone Tag provides HIPAA compliant, streamlined, customized, and cost-effective call answering services on a pan-USA basis through experienced and trained call handlers. The call answering service leverages on cutting edge technology to have a full back up of any incumbent system or replace the system if required. A collaborative approach is followed when tailoring solutions for each practice or professional.

No More Phone Tag Providing 24x7 Phone Answering Solutions for Medical Offices

LogoNo More Phone Tag offers HIPAA-compliant doctor's phone answering solutions. These solutions allow doctors or physicians to control their time while still providing great patient care. With expert call answering solutions, the doctors can prioritize patient calls so they can better treat all patients, both with emergencies and non-emergency health concerns. No More Phone Tag handles every call consistently and exactly per its client's instructions so they do not have any stress of dealing with their answering service.

No More Phone Tag Offering Top Notch and Affordable Medical Bilingual Call Support

LogoOhio based, No More Phone Tag has raised the bar in medical call answering service delivery with a team of experienced, personable and agile call handlers. These professionals are tasked with taking up patient calls 24/7/365 on behalf of the client practice and forwarding them to the correct on-call doctor, accurately and speedily. The call handlers are multi-lingual, ready to answer calls in Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Russian and other languages. They handle over 10,000 calls per day for medical practices of all sizes across the US in line with the HIPAA guidelines.

No More Phone Tag Providing Cost-Effective Doctor's Phone Answering Service

LogoNo More Phone Tag is offering affordable and customized telephone answering solutions for doctors and medical facilities by its professional team of multilingual call experts.

No More Phone Tag Provides Medical Call Center Services

LogoNo More Phone Tag is preferred by most healthcare enterprises for their professionalism and cost-effectiveness in service delivery. The company offers call answering services for health care practices and property managers in the greater Ohio region. They utilize the latest technology to ensure accurate information is delivered across. They also have skilled call center agents who work 24/7 answering and dispatching calls promptly. No More Phone Tag has for more than 20 years help their clients to retain their customers through excellent call answering and customer support services. They specialize in apartment answering services, virtual phone systems, doctors answering services, connecting customers and medical office answering services, among others. They conduct regular training to help employees catch up with the changing industry trends and also maintain compliance with HIPAA.

No More Phone Tag Is Offering Medical Telephone Answering Services

LogoNo More Phone Tag provides proficient call answering services to all their clients in the greater Ohio region. The company works with health care institutions and property managers to help them retain their customers through customer care and support as well as prompt call answering services. No More Phone Tag utilizes innovative technology to deliver calls and messages accurately. They also have industry-trained call center agents who work round the clock to ensure that all calls are answered and dispatched on time.

Get Property Management Answering Services at No More Phone Tag

LogoNo More Phone Tag is renowned for providing bespoke call answering services to diverse clients in Ohio. The company has for more than 20 years worked with enterprises to help them streamline their call answering processes. No More Phone Tag has proficient call center agents and cutting edge technology that delivers top-of-the-line services. They specialize in property management call answering, medical office answering services, virtual phone systems, doctors/physician answering services, and connecting customers, among others. The company has skilled personnel who are friendly and passionate about their work. All the services offered are 100% HIPAA compliant.