San Antonio Holistic Pain Management Company's Philanthropy Lasts All Year

LogoSan Antonio, Texas holistic pain management patch creator Joe Huebner promotes wellness and natural health with his Power Strips™ natural pain patch, but his efforts to improve the overall well-being of his customers and community goes far beyond the marketing of his flagship pain relief product. Joe practices a year-long philosophy of philanthropy, giving back in a variety of ways each month that help to restore quality of life and relieve the stresses some feel can't be soothed by Power Strips.

San Antonio Pain Management Now More Advanced with Power Strips Wearable Patch

LogoSan Antonio’s pain management headquarters online,, is now providing advanced, holistic pain relief in simple, wearable patch form. Power Strips™ pain relief patches are an advanced, holistic way to easily manage pain symptoms without harsh chemicals or invasive treatments. This wearable patch transfers soothing, healing relief to targeted pain points for quick application anywhere on the body. Chronic pain sufferers can apply Power Strip patches to trouble areas and begin the pain relief process immediately. The strip’s specialized ingredients and design make it pain-free and devoid of the dangers of pharmaceutical medicine or pain relief surgery.