Noochie Golf LLC

Noochie Golf LLC Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Their Miniature Golf Course Game

Dom and Tre, two brothers aged 8 and 9, say it was a trip to a miniature golf course that inspired them to invent Noochie Golf. With help from their parents, they filed patents and incorporated, bringing Noochie Golf LLC to life. This team is a group of dedicated and enthusiastic workers whose goal is to offer a child-centered and highly imaginative golf product of excellent quality that is rare in the marketplace. The product consists of four pieces that can be arranged into 15 different combinations. It is made of durable plastic pieces covered in synthetic putting grass that will withstand the demands of constant use. Noochie Golf delivers the enjoyable experience of playing miniature golf without the stress and expenses of leaving your home.

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Noochie Golf LLC, is an Arizona run company founded by brothers Dom and Tre after their visit to a miniature golf course, proudly asserts that they are a dedicated team of enthusiasts whose goal is to produce a product that is child-centered, imagination-driven and quality assured. They add that with 4 pieces and more than 15 different combinations, the course offers a unique quality that can never be seen in the marketplace. They show in their campaign video ( that the course is made of durable plastic parts and so, it is engineered to withstand the high demands and vagaries of active use. According to them, the course can bring the miniature golf experience to the doorsteps of users without the expense of traditional synthetic putting grass.