Nova Electric

Nova Electric's New NEHRL11 Series 15 KVA / 15 KW True Online COTS UPS

LogoCompact chassis can be 19" Rack Mounted or installed as a freestanding tower!

Nova Electric's True Online UPS Systems Can Keep Critical Medical Equipment Running when Utility Power Fails!

LogoProblem: Right now, mobile hospitals and field hospitals are being set up in the COVID-19 hotpots throughout the world. These hospitals contain critical medical equipment, specifically ventilators, respirators, BiPAPs, CPAPs, used to treat the infected patients. These devices need to keep running, even if utility power fails, in order for patients to stay alive.

Nova Frequency Converters Can Help Solve the Chronic Shortages of Critical Medical Equipment Required for COVID-19 Coronavirus

LogoReliable devices allow medical equipment from anywhere in the world to be used at hospitals as required, regardless of host country's utility power.

Nova Electric's New Wall / Floor Mount Galaxy Series Solid State Frequency Converters

LogoNova's Frequency Converters offer maximum field-proven reliability in flexible mounting configurations for military, rail, and heavy industrial applications!

Nova Electric's New Galaxy-Series Rugged Rack Mount Frequency Converters

Logo500W - 6KW Rack Mount Solid-State Converters combine field-proven reliability with transformer-isolated design for high inrush loads such as motors and compressors!

Nova Electric's New Commercial / Industrial AET-Series True Online UPS Systems!

LogoAdvanced new AET UPSs offer advanced features, high reliability, and flexible mounting options at low cost!

US Navy's EASR Radar Project Completes Successful Testing

LogoThe U.S. Navy recently completed the first system-level tests of SPY-6(V)2, the Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar (EASR,) at the Surface Combat Systems Center at Wallops Island, VA. EASR is the newest sensor in the Navy's SPY-6 family of radars, and provides simultaneous anti-air and anti-surface warfare, electronic protection, and air traffic control for aircraft carriers and amphibious warfare ships. A special militarized version of Nova Electric's NERM-Series Modular Three-Phase True Online UPS System provides reliable backup power to critical electronics on the EASR project.

Nova Electric's New Ruggedized Rack Mount 240 VDC DC-AC Inverters!

LogoRugged designs from 500W - 6+KW feature robust construction and transient suppressing technology for heavy industrial and military applications!

Nova Electric's New 72 VDC Ruggedized Rack Mount DC-AC Inverters

LogoPure Sinewave units combine reliable transformer-isolated topology with rugged construction for rail and harsh environment applications!

Nova Electric's New Galaxy-MIL Pure Sinewave DC-AC Inverters for Military Vehicle Applications

LogoRugged inverters are compliant to demanding MIL-STDs such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-1275!