NueDay Releases Powerful, All-Natural, New Moso Bamboo Charcoal Refrigerator Purifier

NueDay announced the release of its new moso bamboo charcoal air purifying bag for refrigerators. Safer than air purifiers containing compounds like petrochemicals and much more effective than the baking soda that is commonly used instead, the new charcoal-based purifier is the ultimate solution to refrigerator odors, contamination, and more. NueDay is a leading designer and manufacturer of products that, like the new air purifier for refrigerators, make home life safer, more enjoyable, and more satisfying.

NueDay Announces Release of Incredible New Rubber Band Loom Refill Pack

NueDay, a producer of high-quality, environmentally conscious, safety-focused craft and other consumer products, announced the release of the company's eagerly-awaited rubber band bracelet loom refill kit. Like the rest of the company's popular products, the new kit was designed around safe, healthful materials and delivers exceptional value to buyers. NueDay is one of the top sellers of a variety of craft, kitchen, and sundry goods on and elsewhere on the Internet and has become known for the company's dedication to unique, high-quality products.

NueDay Announces Arrival of Moso Air Purifying Bag at Amazon

For years, people have searched for a refrigerator air freshener that was not only safe and nontoxic, but actually works. Today, NueDay, a manufacturer of products that are both sustainable and effective, announced the release of its moso air purifying bag, which is more powerful than baking soda and is also more versatile. According to the company, this bag will not only absorb odors, but also moisture, mold, mildew, and bacteria from the refrigerator environment. Even better, it is made of natural and sustainable materials.