Victor Weintraub Will Be the Radio Guest of Buzz Walker

Featured will be Victor Weintraub, noted economist and author of Occupy We The People Decision Time For America and Phil Cioppa, author of "Wake Up America. They will be on opposite sides of the question of tax policy. There will be a lively discussion. The impact on the economy. Where we are now and where we are headed. The broadcast will air at 11:00 AM (Eastern) Wednesday June 27 on BLOGTALKRADIO

Victor Weintraub Will Be the Radio Guest of Kevin Cook June 12 at 9:30 Pm Eastern Time

I will be on the Inception Radio Network at 9:30 Eastern time, 6:30 Pacific time. There is a call in number 832 280 0830.

Lower Marginal Taxes Will Increase Unemployment. Increase Taxes to Grow the Economy. The Recession That We Are in Now Is the Result of a Failed Low Rate Income Tax Policy Since 1981

First Capitol Books is pleased to announce that Occupy We The People is now generally available as both as an E Book and a paperback.