OLEHANA, Leading Private Label Cosmetics Factory in China

OLEHANA is a leading private label cosmetics factory in China that deals in private label makeup, skin care, body care, facial care and beauty products. Anyone looking at starting their own makeup line, this place offers a complete line of luxury makeup and beauty products. Private brands can choose from an extensive library of formulas which are ready to be sold under the brand name. Moisturizers, face wash & cleansers, eye creams, face mask serums, makeup removers, sunscreen, shower cream, body emulsion, slimming lotions, sprays, body and massage lotions, face scrubs, lip scrubs and balms, sheet masks, eye masks, toners, steamers, facial creams, face mists and many other such products are manufactured by the private label makeup manufacturers china.The company has a strict manufacturing process with ISO 22716 Quality Certification.