Ongoing Operations

Ongoing Operations Now Offers OGO Replicator Disaster Recovery Solutions

Ongoing Operations now offers OGO Replicator disaster recovery solutions. Providing turnkey business continuity protection for windows servers, the OGO Replicator uniquely acts as both a failover server and a backup/recovery device. The OGO Replicator is a fully managed solution that can stand in as a failover server within minutes of a crash. Offering device-to-device replication for near real-time backups, the OGO Replicator will keep a client’s organization running and connected with the current data.

Ongoing Operations Now Offering Tips on How Offices Can Implement Hosted Virtual Desktop

Ongoing Operations is now offering tips on how offices around the country can implement Hosted Virtual Desktop. For better business continuity plans, the company recommends that organizations begin to move their applications and workstations into Cloud services. A Hosted Virtual Desktop will allow people to access these applications without having to operate IT hardware.

Ongoing Operations Now Hosts Virtual Desktop Applications That Are Compatible with Windows

Ongoing Operations now hosts virtual desktop applications that are compatible with Windows systems. Offering many choices to meet the specific business needs of their clients, Ongoing Operations offers a comprehensive suite of applications that are compatible with a Windows system.

Ongoing Operations Adds Collaboration Suite to Its Cloudworks Solutions

Communication in the work place is essential to achieving goals. With all of the ways that people communicate these days; it would be a lot easier if those means of communication could be linked together. Ongoing Operations has now added Cloudworks Solutions to its Ads Collaboration Suite.

Ongoing Operations Continues to Support Clients After Hurricane Sandy

Ongoing Operations, providing cloud hosting services, continues to support clients after Hurricane Sandy. “A number of our staff, clients, and communities we serve have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy,” said President and CEO of Ongoing Operations, Kirk Drake.

Ongoing Operations Expands Its Services by Announcing Hosted VoIP Solutions

Ongoing Operations, a leading provider of disaster recovery and business continuity planning services to over 300 clients nationwide, has recently announced the availability of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions as part of their Collaboration Suite.

Ongoing Operations Now Provides Virtual Desktop Solutions for Businesses

Ongoing Operations desktop solution now supports a Windows 7 desktop environment and allows businesses to access their desktop, documents, email and applications on any device such as a personal computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Users of the Windows virtual desktop are set up in a secure environment for easy login and can access their desktop from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Ongoing Operations Expands Its Services by Providing Application Hosting Services

Ongoing Operations, a leading provider of disaster recovery and business continuity services to over 300 clients nationwide, has recently announced the availability of application hosting services. People will be able to virtually run any application they need in order for their company to be productive. In addition, they will also be able to achieve greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency compared to internal hosting and management.