Online Singles LLC Daters Share Their Personal Stories, ‘Live Profiles’, and Funny Findings Through Video, the third largest free dating and social site according to Hitwise, now brings users a bit of borrowed technology. Members can find their favorite videos on YouTube and post them, also for free, on the new Matchdoctor video site. Many members have chosen to bring their personality front and center by going beyond their ‘regular profile’ on Matchdoctor and sharing clips of their favorite videos with the community. blogging Meets Dating has introduced blogs to the standard dating website. "Turning to blogs was only a natural progression in the online dating industry. Blogs are an ideal way of getting to know someone through their own words and expressions,' said Luke Kalish, President of Matchdoctor. A blog is an online diary or a frequently updated personal web page. On Matchdoctor, you can use blogs as your own personal space on the site to share with other members how you are feeling and what you are thinking about anything - from personal issues to site feedback to public opinions. Other members can place comments on blogs and can lead to some interesting discussions. Online Dating Meets Social Networking has merged the essentials of online dating with the perks of social networking. Members get the best of both worlds and the site is free to use.