OPEC Oil Mop Skimmer and Separator Tank Used to Remove Surface FOG

OPEC has recently used an E-Series Oil Mop Skimmer unit and heated separator tank to remove surface 'FOG' (Fats Oils and Greases) from a cheese making factory in the UK.

OPEC Mop Oil Recovery Machines Clean up Polluted Ground Water

OPEC's Mop Skimmers www.opec.co.uk are currently been used successfully to help clean up a large brownfield site in the UK to remove polluted hydrocarbons in the water table.

Oil Spill Containment and Spill Kits Supplier "Opec" Wins Orders from the Offshore Oil Industry

OPEC has just supplied four specialist spill kits for the offshore oil industry. The kits include oil spill dispersant which is applied to the decks during an oil spill by use of a special eductor spray set as pictured below. The eductor draws in the dispersant from the 25 litre containers and dilutes it with sea water from the fire hydrant system on deck.

Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd Have Systems and Packages That Can Assist In the Gulf Oil Clean Up

OPEC was officially established in 1980 to continue the development of products and systems invented by its owners in the 1970's.

"OPEC" Oil Pollution, Oil Spill Control Specialists Reaction to the Gulf Oil Spill

As everybody is aware the situation is worsening by the day. Now staging areas have been set up to contain and recover the oil hitting coastal areas, beaches, swamps, rocky foreshores and rivers are all under threat of oil contamination.

Oil Pollution, Oil Spill Containment Company Opec Celebrate 30 Years In Business

OPEC was founded by Mr. Peter Ilsley on February 1st 1980. Before the Company was founded Peter worked on the design and build of several oil pollution recovery machines during the late 1970's. Peter's background in the textile industry gave rise to the OPEC Mop Skimmer which cleans oil from the surface of the water.