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Young Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo to Raise Money for a Patriotic Social Network to Support Their Nation in War

The founders of We.Ua, a patriotic social network in Ukraine, are launching a campaign to raise funds for the First National Hackathon in Kiev. The event will use the power of the Internet and technology to unite the youth of their country currently embroiled in war.

Products for Medicine Introduces Xenon Arc Lamp Line

For nearly 25 years, Products for Medicine has been supplying medical clinics, hospitals and doctor's offices around the world with top-quality lighting products. Surgical headlights, lamps and other equipment is always available from Products for Medicine. Now, this major supplier of medical tools in Anaheim, CA, offers a full line of xenon arc lamps for every surgical and medical requirement.

Francisco's Automotive Repair Supports Local Housing Program

From November 1st through December 15th Francisco Fonseca and Leah Garza, owners of Francisco’s Automotive Repair, home of top-quality auto repair in Orange County at , encourage business associates as well as customers to help provide 600 gifts to homeless individuals and families. By inspiring others to give back and do something special, Francisco is able to help grant many wishes during the joyful holiday season.

Fat Box Introduces Commercial Animation for 2014

Tis the season for New Year's resolutions, and the one on every business's list of goals for 2014 is to achieve greater success. Top creative design company Fat Box Films is achieving that goal for themselves by helping other businesses find success. Their commercial video productions at are one of the smartest investments a company can make and will ensure strong business marketing results. Fat Box is the creator of the many of the top business video productions and promotional animations Orange County at has ever produced, such as Sony Playstation, Logitech, Leap Frog, Shutterfly, Hyatt Regency, and many more.

Bobcat Brass Announces New Year Specials on Entire Line of Rifle Scopes

Gun lovers should get ready to set their sights on Bobcat Brass's New Year Special. For a limited time, the company is offering free shipping, a special price, or both for their entire line of rifle scopes.

Chris Heavens Recovers $900K for Accident Victim

A man lost his ability to support himself and his family when self-employed flooring contractor Joseph Keys suffered an accident at the Keystone Floor Products Co. warehouse. According to his complaint, Mr. Keys was struck by a carpet extending from a forklift when the operator drove too close. He was forced to undergo hip replacement surgery as a result of his injuries. However, West Virginia personal injury attorney at Christopher J. Heavens was able to recover $900,000 for Mr. Keys.

Cal Banyan Publishes Video on Hypno-Tuesday: Setting Appropriate Boundaries

Cal Banyan's Hypnosis, Etc., videos at have been providing great information for professional hypnotists for a long time. However, one topic that Mr. Banyan has not addressed in the past has been that of setting appropriate client boundaries and making accommodations for clients who need them. Now, Cal Banyan's Hypnosis, Etc., videos include a special episode that offers tips for how to determine the right boundaries and enforce them with clients as well as how and when to make special accommodations for clients.

Cal Banyan Offers Accelerated Hypnosis Course

The New Year is here, but there is still time for those who want to train as a professional hypnotherapist to do so with Cal Banyan's accelerated hypnosis course at The Banyan Hypnosis Center. Students wanting to learn hypnosis at can do so with a minimum of time commitment and still receive the best possible hypnosis training.

ROL Wheels Began with Inspiration from Cycling Greats

Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Sean Lambert had a chance to watch some of the greatest cyclists who ever lived in action at the Coors Classic each summer. As a child, Lambert was privileged to witness LeMond, Hinault, Fignon, Hampsten, Phinney, Kiefel and others who blazed a trail in serious competitive cycling. Twenty years later, Lambert founded ROL Wheels, a company dedicated to offering top-quality road bike wheelsets at affordable prices to bring the opportunity for competitive-level cycling to everyone. A decade later, ROL Wheels is still offering the best in race bike wheels.

South East Lock and Key Introduces 24-Hour Emergency Service

Homeowners and businesses who need a locksmith in Denver may be fortunate enough to be able to hire one during "business hours." In some cases, those who need a locksmith in Aurora may be able to hire one in advance to come at an appointed date and time, but some people need a Denver locksmith for emergency lockouts, key breakages and other situations. Now, South East Lock and Key introduces 24-hour emergency locksmith services in Aurora and surrounding areas.