Orebits Corporation, Inc

Orebits Corp. Appoints William Purpura, Chairman of the COMEX Governors, to Board of Directors

LogoOrebits Corporation—the first company to utilize blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to digitize unrefined gold claims into a new security and asset class, announced today the appointment of internationally recognized metal futures expert and COMEX Governors Committee Chairman, William Purpura, to the Orebits Corp. Board of Directors.  

Orebits Corp. Introduces New CEO Michael Warren, Appoints Jack Schneider, Former Allen & Company Executive and Renowned Media Summit Creator to Board of Directors

LogoOrebits Corporation (orebits.io)—the first company in the world to digitize claims to unrefined gold reserves, as the underlying asset behind a new financial product class, is proud to introduce Michael Warren, an international force in executive-level team leadership, strategic partnerships, and a proven authority in fundraising across multiple technology sectors, as its new CEO.

Orebits Corporation, Inc. Announces Orebits Pool, LLC and Orebits.AU Eco-System

LogoOrebits Corp., a provider of blockchain-based asset digitization services for owners of reserves of unrefined minerals, metals, and un-extrapolated commodities, announces the creation of an entirely new asset class, referred to as "Orebits.AU," that allows for the inherent value found in unrefined gold reserves to be released and positioned for investment, financial leverage, liquidity and balance sheet enhancement.