Organic Sediment Removal Systems, LLC

Four Years Later, Q Center Continues to Thrive Thanks to Organic Sediment Removal Systems

LogoIn 2012, at a very prestigious convention center in St. Charles, Illinois, a team of pond cleaning professionals made a huge impact. The Q Center is a popular spot, and features an entrance walkway wrapped in waterfalls that flow under the walkway and cascade down into a series of streams and ponds. These waterways wind around the center, then separate the outside courtyard before spilling into a three acre pristine pond. It is this pond and series of waterways that deteriorated over time – to the point where the Q Center was unable to restore their beauty without damaging the surrounding landscape. Organic Sediment Removal Systems was called in, and their system managed to restore the sensitive areas without damaging the existing landscape or environment. Four years later, the Q Center continues to benefit from the comprehensive overhaul that was performed, effectively resurrecting the former beauty of the area.

Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation Is Transformed by Organic Sediment Removal Systems

LogoOne of the quickest ways to recognize the health and vitality of a park or nature center is to look to the water. The ponds, lakes, and streams of a particular region demonstrate the fish population and other water creatures. Obviously, the absence of a fish or other animal life is an indicator of a problem, and that was precisely the issue at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Elgin, Illinois just a few short months ago. Fortunately, they knew just who to call, and when Organic Sediment Removal Systems arrived on the scene, they were ready to help right away. A spring fed the connection of 10 small ponds, which had been plagued by sediment. Ultimately, the ponds were uninhabitable by the trout, requiring OSR to remove 2 feet of sediment, and effectively increase the ponds' water capacity by a whopping 200%.

Organic Sediment Removal Systems Turns Water at Sam Houston Museum Beautiful Again

LogoCleaning may not be the most glamorous chore in the world, but it does make life better, safer, and more appeasing for everyone. The folks at Organic Sediment Removal Systems know this all too well, and demonstrated it in their January cleaning of the Sam Houston Museum, a mainstay on the register of Historical Places in the United States. The team took the beleaguered pond and restored its beauty, removing the sediment and other organic material.