Outletcity Opens for Late Night Shopping This Christmas

There may be a number of people who may not have time to do their shopping during daytime and for these people, the happy news is that Outletcity Metzingen has announced new opening hours so everyone can do late night shopping for fulfilling their needs. This means these people need not get frustrated about it and can comfortably buy the items they need during the extended hours. The company has utmost focus on customer satisfaction and that is the reason they are offering this facility.

Outletcity.com Offers a Chance to Win Up to 250 Euros in Vouchers

With the release of the movie Love, Rosi on 10th November in Germany, OutletCity Metzingen has launched an attractive offer to their customers. Up to 250 € in shopping vouchers are available to be won by people and this is for celebrating the romantic comedy's shows at German cinemas.

Outletcity Launches Mid Season Sale with Discounts of Up to 70% off All Major Brands

Starting 20th November, Outletcity.com in Metzingen has announced its mid-season discount sale on select products. The website is known for its international brands and luxury products and this offer can be considered by those who wish to save money in buying quality clothes and accessories.

Outletcity Offers Customers a Chance to Win 007 Discounts and Vouchers to Enjoy the Latest James Bond Movie This Weekend

Here is an exciting news for the customers of Outletcity Metzingen who are also fond of James Bond movies. The store that sells internationally renowned brands of fashion and lifestyle products will be celebrating "Spectre" the release of which is scheduled for release across Germany this weekend. Outletcity points out that they are fully committed to satisfying their clients and this is one of the steps towards achieving this aim. In short, they will take every available opportunity and every occasion for coming out with surprising offers for bestowing the best benefits on their customers. To celebrate the release of Spectre and the 007 legend, Outletctiy have applied additional discounts of up to 70% off this all designer brands. James Bond discounts of up to seventy percent off. While stocks last, that's 007 - 70% Off across all fashion brands in the Outlet.

OutletCity Metzingen Launches Exciting Late Night Shopping Offers

For all those who love shopping, OutletCity has come up with a unique idea of night shopping. This way, people do not have to fret about the closing time and can enjoy long hours of shopping without any interruptions. Apart from the fact that they can peruse clothes, accessories and many other products from well known brands, they can also enjoy live music and cocktails at the venue.