Overland Optical Family Eye Care

Overland Optical Gets a New Look

LogoOverland Optical has been serving St. Louis families with outstanding eye care for over 35 years. Their friendly, expert eye doctors focus on providing superior vision services – and now they've sharpened their focus further with a complete remodel of their Woodson Rd office!

Overland Optical Family Eye Care: The Local Source of Tom Ford Frames in Overland & St. Charles, MO

LogoLooking for Tom Ford Designer Eyeglasses? Our opticians love gorgeous frames, and we decided to carry the newest and best Tom Ford frames for you to choose from!

Computer Glasses Give Cutting-Edge Protection Against Dangerous Blue Light

LogoBlue light, defined as high energy visible light, is emitted from the sun and many common, contemporary electronic devices. While moderate exposure to natural blue light can impact health positively, overexposure to artificial blue light may threaten bodily health – and eye health in particular. To reduce the harmful risks of blue light, the expert eye doctors at Overland Optical Family Eye Care recommend wearing advanced computer glasses. With over 35 years of serving St. Charles and Overland with advanced eye care, this popular optometry practice now features an extensive selection of specialized, protective eyewear for computer use.