Divorce in Oklahoma City Amid Covid-19

LogoAnd during the coronavirus pandemic, those choices may be somewhat limited because a lot of places are closed and things are very different than they would normally be. But Owens Law Office remains open to assist in divorce and family law cases in Oklahoma City amid COVID-19, allowing clients to move through the process as efficiently as possible. During can be stressful and painful during the best of times, and it's often more complicated when there are other big factors causing additional difficulties. The pandemic is causing rising stress levels, and reducing stress while going through a divorce isn't an easy task.

COVID-19 Forces Oklahoma Peace Officers to Make Changes

LogoAttorneys need evidence to build car crash claims, and that evidence sometimes comes from unexpected places.

Winter Weather Conditions Increase Car Accident Risks in Oklahoma City

LogoWinter weather throughout Oklahoma City is blamed for a series of car accidents and injuries. According to a January 11, 2020 Oklahoma News 4 report, icy roads contributed to more than a dozen crashes over a two day period. With more adverse weather on the way, drivers are urged to take precautions.

Wrong-Way Crash in South Oklahoma Kills Two

LogoPolice are still investigating a fireball crash in rural Colbert which killed two people in two different vehicles.

Stray Cattle Cause Fatal Car Crash

LogoWhen cattle create a roadway hazard, the same principles of negligence apply. These victims might still be entitled to substantial compensation.

Hit-and-Run Driver Kills OKC Bicyclist

LogoThe wreck occurred near the intersection of Classen and Northwest 16th Street. First responders rushed the critically-injured Mr. Epley to a nearby hospital, where he was subsequently declared dead. Investigators found the wreckage of his bicycle near the intersection of Classen and Northwest 6th Street. Police have few leads, other than a dark image captured on nearby surveillance video.