Palm Beach Rox

Rox Walks and Covers the Red Carpet at One of Steven Spielberg’s Latest Movies Destined for Oscar Glory, War Horse

On Sunday, at the lavish Lincoln Center, in Manhattan’s Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side, Rox and the entertainment world got together to heat up the night on the Red Carpet for one of Steven Spielberg’s latest movies World Premiere of War Horse. Standing on this Red Carpet with the International Press Elite, was Roxanna Cella. Roxanna “Rox” Cella and Crew [Dan Cella] were invited to an all expenses paid trip to cover the exciting premiere of one of the world’s most cherished filmmakers. Showing that Rox is not just a local South Florida based television show host, but also and esteemed Entertainment Journalist, with enough prowess to be invited to work along side the giants of the industry.