Panther Trading Company, Inc.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. Is Offering a Wide Variety of Zombie Slaying Products for Zombie Culture Enthusiasts

LogoPanther Trading Company, Inc., better known as Panther Wholesale, is an online wholesale warehouse operating out of Baltimore, Maryland. Panther Trading Company, Inc. sells a wide variety of knives, swords, axes and other weaponry as well as self-defense tools and apparel for individuals from all walks of life. For 2015, they are reaching out to enthusiasts of zombie culture to browse their nearly endless selection of Z-Slayer and other zombie slaying swords, axes, knives and protective apparel.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. Announces New Arrival of Swords, Knives and More for January 2015

LogoPanther Trading Company, Inc., or Panther Wholesale, is a Baltimore, Maryland-based company that sells a wide variety of knives, personal defense items and other accessories. For January 2015, they would like to announce that they now have new swords, knives and more available on their website.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. Offering a Wide Selection of Knives by Tiger-USA, Their Flagship Brand, This Coming Winter

LogoPanther Trading Company, Inc. is an online organization that provides quality knives, swords, blades and other products. For this coming winter, they are featuring a wide variety of quality wholesale knives by Tiger-USA®, their flagship brand of knife. Their knives serve a wide variety of purposes, from straight-edge razors for barbers, Damascus steel trigger-released knives, hunting knives, utility knives, novelty knives and more.

Panther Trading Company Inc. Offers a Wide Variety of Knives for Cyber Monday

LogoPanther Trading Company Inc, or Panther Wholesale, is a Baltimore, MD-based wholesale distributor of personal defense items and novelties. This holiday season, they are featuring a wide selection of knives and other defense, survival and utility items for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, all the way into the December holiday season. Panther urges returning and prospective clientele to check out their stock before the holiday rush.

Panther Wholesale Now Offering Wholesale Survival Knives for Fall

LogoPanther Wholesale is now offering wholesale survival knives for fall 2014. Gerber hunting knives are perfect for hunting, self-defense, and collecting. Gerber is a long time maker of high quality knives and hunting and outdoor gear. Through decades of dedicated innovation, they have created top of the line problem solving and life saving products for their customers.

Panther Wholesale Announces Hunting Knife Sales for Summer 2014

LogoWholesale hunting knives from Panther Wholesale are designed for everything from regular camping tasks to deer skinning. Knives are constructed from high quality Damascus steel with real animal bone and buffalo horn. Panther Wholesale has several knives available now on their website for all summer knife related activities.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. Now Offering Low Prices on Belt Buckle Knives

LogoZombies may be undead, but don’t be fooled by their blank looks. Apocalypse survivors never know when they will have to outsmart one of these monsters, and Panther Trading Company, Inc. carries products that allow them to do just that. Kershaw spring assisted knives offer discreet protection wherever concealed knife carry is permitted by law. What looks like an ordinary belt flips open at a moment’s notice to reveal a fierce 3.5-inch double serrated blade. The one size fits all adjustable belt is made from all black woven fabric and closes with an attractive but subtle black and brown pearl buckle. That can also kill zombies. This item is available now at $8.75 each.

Panther Trading Company, Inc. Now Offering Wholesale Spring Assisted Knives for Spring 2014

LogoPanther Trading Company, Inc. is now offering Z-Slayer wholesale spring assisted knives for spring 2014. These genuine survival knives come in several varieties and are perfect for protecting against home intruders, fighting zombies, or just the coolest playtime ever (knives are not toys. Handle with care and don’t use on people or animals.) Products from Panther Trading Company, Inc. make great gifts, collector’s items, and display pieces.