Paraben Corporation

Porn Detection Stick Looks in Videos and Images for Pornographic Content

Paraben Corporation, a leader in the digital forensics industry, announced the release of the Porn Detection Stick v1.5. The Porn Detection Stick is a USB drive that contains software designed to scan an entire computer or storage device for illicit images. This new version adds the ability to not only open each image for visual confirmation but also adds the ability to scan video content for potential pornographic content. The multi-point scan in the Porn Detection Stick can determine with great accuracy whether an image or video has pornographic content. This device can save parents and employers hours of sifting through tens of thousands of images and videos searching for pornographic content.

New Device Breaks Into Windows Accounts When You Forget Your Password

For anyone that has been locked out of your computer, this new gadget by Paraben can be the answer to your prayers. Windows Breaker is a Windows account access tool that will allow you to get access to any Windows account if you've forgotten the password. There's no software to download or boot disks to create. Simply plug Windows Breaker into your computer and reboot making sure it's set to boot to the USB drive. Windows Breaker gives average computer users the power of advanced password recovery in a simple tool.

iPhone Spy Gadget Tracks Your Every Move by Exploiting Location Tracking

Paraben Corporation, a leader in the digital forensics industry, announces the release of tracking history for its iPhone consumer forensic tool the iRecovery Stick. This new feature takes advantage of the iPhone’s location tracking data that is saved on every iPhone below firmware 4.3.3. The iRecovery Stick downloads these tracking points from your iPhone and displays them in Google Earth as well as gives you the details in a spreadsheet.