Partsmaster Torrent

Safran, MBD Adds Torrent to Milwaukee and FT Lauderdale Facilities

LogoSafran Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, the world’s leading aircraft landing and braking systems experts, have installed a Torrent aqueous parts washer for use in their Milwaukee and Ft. Lauderdale-based maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities.

Partsmaster Torrent to Exhibit at 2013 Railway Interchange Show

LogoPartsmaster, manufacturer of the Torrent aqueous industrial parts washer, will be exhibiting at the 2013 Railway Interchange Tradeshow and Technical Conference.

Partsmaster Torrent Launches Environmentally Safe Torrent Aqueous Parts Cleaner

LogoTorrent Parts Washer by Partsmaster can now clean parts in one minute – by using water, heat and pressure – that once took mechanics hours to clean. Partsmaster’s Torrent Parts Washer out-performs all other parts cleaner machines on the market by cleaning tools and parts five times faster and eliminating the need for multiple cleaning machines, effectively cutting labor time by 80 percent.

Torrent with Aerospace Chemistry Keeps Aircraft Wheel and Brake Assemblies Flying…Fast

LogoA division of one of the world’s leading aerospace companies has put the Torrent Aqueous parts cleaner to the test. The division builds and repairs wheel and brake assemblies for the commercial aviation industry. Their system commits two technicians who devote a majority of their time to a dedicated clean room. Their previous parts cleaning solution using solvent based cleaning required them to soak a part for over half an hour. This delayed the job. Now they wash the bearing and heat shield fast and move on to complete the job with no extended delay. The Torrent works fast and now so do they. The Torrent parts washer has made the clean room a much happier place.

Partsmaster Announces Availability of Environmentally Friendly Products

LogoPartsmaster, a provider of premier parts cleaning technology to companies and industries in North America, is pleased to announce that their latest innovation, the Torrent aqueous parts cleaning machine utilizes environmentally friendly technology.

Partsmaster Customers Save Money with the Torrent Parts Washer

LogoThe recently released Torrent Parts Washer has revolutionized parts washing by cleaning better in less time using fewer resources. Since its release, companies have estimated savings as high as several hundred thousand dollars and have reviewed the machine as more than worth the price.

Partsmaster Revolutionizing Parts Cleaning in the New Year

LogoPartsmaster is excited to offer a new green product: the Torrent Aqueous Parts Washer. Recent trends in parts washing have favored such environmentally friendly technology. “The Torrent Aqueous Parts Washer offers greater cleaning power, better user safety, and uses cleaning solutions that are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly,” says Curt Selby, Partsmaster Director of Marketing.

Partsmaster™ Offers Environmentally Friendly Solution for Businesses

LogoPartsmaster, a leading provider of products and solutions to service the maintenance, repair and operations industries, is offering an environmentally friendly parts washer machine, the Torrent Parts Washer. “With mounting concerns over global climate change and its possible effects on our planet, companies today are looking for environmentally friendly solutions more than ever before. The Torrent Parts Washer comes as good news to companies seeking these types of solutions,” says Curt Selby, Director of Marketing for Partsmaster.

Partsmaster Creates Safer Parts Washer

LogoPartsmaster, a leading provider of products and solutions to service the maintenance, repair and operations industries, has created the Torrent Parts Washer, an industrial parts washer that is safe for workers, yet remarkably effective. Through their advanced aqueous-based technology, Partsmaster has perfected the parts washer machine. This comes as good news to workers and shop managers that are seeking safe yet reliable solutions to tool or parts washing machines.

Partsmaster Revolutionizes Aqueous Parts Washers

LogoPartsmaster, a leading provider of products and solutions to service the maintenance, repair and operations industries, has revolutionized the aqueous parts washer machine world with their latest product, the Torrent Parts Washer. “For years, aqueous parts washer machines have fallen short of their promises and left many mechanics and shop managers unimpressed”, says Curt Selby, Partsmaster Director of Marketing. Partsmaster seeks to change this conception with their stunning and powerful heavy-duty parts washer Torrent machine.