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Immigration Law Firm in Fairfax, VA - Patel Law Firm LLC, Joins Tucker & Associates PLLC

LogoFairfax, VA immigration lawyer, Beeraj Patel joins Tucker & Associates PLLC in hopes of providing better legal immigration services to the NOVA, DC, and Maryland areas. In recent months, Patel Law Firm LLC has been in negotiation with Tucker & Associates PLLC regarding the teaming of Patel Law Firm LLC. The news has been confirmed and Beeraj Patel, Esq. will become a part of the Tucker & Associates PLLC firm.

Fairfax Virginia Immigration Attorney Extends Service to Loudoun County

LogoTo address rising demands, Fairfax Virginia immigration attorney Beeraj Patel is extending his services to Loudoun County, Virginia. Immigration reform is one of the hottest political topics in Northern Virginia including Loudoun County. Unfortunately, reform is slow where many people and businesses continue to face serious immigration issues. The demand for Loudoun immigration attorneys has been on the rise but, unfortunately, many local attorney firms do not specialize in representing immigration clients. This means that anyone requiring assistance with immigration will be forced to gamble with an unknown attorney in a distant city at an expense that many immigrants cannot afford.

Fairfax Immigration Attorney Defends Small IT Contractors' Rights Affected by Immigration Reform

LogoFairfax immigration attorney and immigration rights advocate, Beeraj Patel, Esq. takes an early stance against provisions being debated in US Senate which limit the H-1B worker pool, primarily harming small to medium IT contracting firms.