PCR Now Helping Their IT Industry Clients Find Perfect Candidates for Job Openings

LogoWith today’s economy, many people rely on help from friends, family, and organizations to get their foot in the door of their specific industry. Along the same line, many organizations rely on recruitment agencies to prep their candidates about an open position, and match them with talent that can excel in a given position. This summer, Professional Computer Resources (PCR) is announcing their assistance for clients to be paired with perfect candidates for job openings.

PCR Now Matching IT Professionals with Summer Jobs

LogoWith the advancing technology and ever increasing interest in the IT space, there is vast competition when on the hunt for jobs. There are many businesses that reserve an important role for their IT department, whether that role is in accounting, sales, or development. As a reliable employment agency in Charlotte, NC, PCR is pleased to announce they are now matching prospective IT candidates with summer jobs. The professional recruiters are dedicated to their clients, providing employers with skillful candidates that meet the exact requirements of an open position.

PCR Now Looking for Motivated Job Seekers in the IT Industry

LogoComputers and technology play an important role in the lives of many businesses and individuals. Having a reliable and hardworking information technology professional provides value to any business, whether the position lies in sales, analyzing, accounting, or development. As job hunting can be difficult, time consuming, and above all, frustrating, PCR is pleased to announce they are now looking for motivated job seekers for positions in the field of information technology. Utilizing a top Charlotte employment agency will help individuals find what they’re looking for.

PCR Now Looking for Part Time Information Technology Candidates in the Charlotte Area

LogoWith today’s economy, the role of recruitment and employment agencies becomes all the more important. Employers utilize the services of these agencies to find reliable and trusted employees when they are searching for temporary and part time positions. As an employment agency in Charlotte, NC that is trusted to provide their clients with valuable candidates that excel in their positions, PCR is pleased to announce they are now looking for information technology professionals for part time work in the Charlotte area.

PCR Now Offering Their Assistance for Information Technology Professionals

LogoIn today’s economy, it can be difficult to break into the workforce, and hold a sustainable job. Many times, individuals—regardless of their background—find themselves between jobs, struggling to make due. In these instances, it is extremely advantageous for individuals to seek the aid of a reliable and rewarding recruitment agency to help land of their feet. This March, PCR is offering their assistance for candidates to find employment in the information technology industry. Every person’s situation is unique, and PCR works with their candidates to find a job that fits their needs.

PCR Now Searching for Temporary Candidates for Information Technology Industry

LogoFinding a job in today’s economy is stressful and time consuming. When trying to break into the ever changing field of information technology, it is vitally important to receive hands on experience in order to stay ahead of the competition. As a trusted and respected Charlotte employment agency, many information technology companies rely on Professional Computer Resources (PCR) to provide them with a qualified candidate for a particular position. Many companies may need a position filled temporarily, sometimes a couple of weeks, other times a couple of months. To please their clients with a hard-working temporary employee, PCR is pleased to announce they are now searching for temporary job candidates in the information technology industry near Charlotte, NC.

PCR Now Matching Candidates to Clients in Technology Field This Winter

LogoIt can be a tough task to find a job in today’s economy. As a new year has begun, many perspective employees are aiming for more experience that will lead to a sustainable job. To help those looking for a chance to break into the technology field in 2014, PCR, a successful employment agency in Charlotte, NC, is now matching job candidates to organizations and companies that fit their criteria. Whether looking for a temporary position of two weeks, a part-time position for a few days per week, or a full-time position in Information Technology, qualified candidates will be placed in a situation where they can be successful.

PCR Now Offering Interview Preparation Services

LogoPCR is pleased to announce that they are now offering services to help clients prepare for an interview. An interview is the company’s first chance to meet the prospective new employee, and training for the interview process is crucial in giving the client the best chance possible for getting the desired job.

PCR Now Looking for Inside Sales and Digital Marketing Specialists

LogoProfessional Computer Resources, PCR, has grown into an industry leading staffing agency. Twenty years ago, PCR started as an IT recruiting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, with over two decades of experience, PCR has evolved into a national staffing agency. Plus, PCR offers a variety of consulting services. Prospective employers and candidates can rely on PCR for making the perfect match in a variety of career opportunities, including: IT sales positions, digital media marketing, social media marketing, business development, software engineers, and much more. Now, PCR is searching for highly qualified inside sales and digital marketing specialists in the greater Philadelphia area.

PCR Is Now Accepting Online Staffing Requests

LogoProfessional Computer Resources, PCR, has two decades of experience as a staffing agency in Charlotte, NC. Over the years, PCR has expanded throughout the country and they are now proud to serve almost every major market in the United States. PCR specializes in recruiting the most highly qualified IT sales professionals and consultants. Both prospective employees and employers can benefit tremendously by visiting PCR’s website. PCR offers a ton of different interviewing tips and résumé building suggestions for employment candidates. PCR also offers employers a variety of staffing services. Now, PCR is accepting online staffing requests to better fulfill client needs.