PDF Burger

PDF Burger Extends Services with New Free Online PDF to Excel Converter

PDF is an extremely versatile file format for online data sharing that enables people to view documents in the manner intended by the publisher without annoying compatibility issues. However, PDF files are by their nature are read only and can actually cause greater problems when trying to extract information. As such, it is useful to have a tool to convert both from and to PDF for a variety of other formats to enjoy the best of both worlds. PDFBurger.com offers the market leading free service for PDF conversions and has extended their service to include PDF to Excel functionality.

PDF Burger Launches Free Online Converter for Fast and Easy Document Processing

PDF is a powerful medium for copyright protection in information delivery, when individuals wish to send read-only files that are not sized out of the email attachment bracket but still retain a high quality of print clarity. Many people lack the specialist tools needed to create PDF files and still more wish to convert them back into other kinds of editable and manipulatable files such as word documents or images. While many of these exist, PDF Burger is one of the first websites to offer such services through the online medium, meaning individuals needn’t install unwanted software for a single use.