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Peachtree Continues Serving GA During COVID-19 Outbreak

Fireplace powerhouse also has some exciting news to share

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SUGAR HILL, GA—What's new with Peachtree Comfort Gallery? This company's lineup of fireplaces for sale in Suwanee, GA, now includes elite fireplaces from Enviro!

Fireplace Owners & Peachtree Comfort Gallery Make the Perfect Pair

SUGAR HILL, GA—Aspiring to be independent is admirable. However, it's important to know when being self-sufficient is appropriate and when asking for help is justified. Owning a fireplace isn't something that can be done solo. It's a team effort—and Peachtree Comfort Gallery is the perfect partner. From performing annual fireplace maintenance to making gas fireplace repairs in Buford, GA, and beyond, this company offers all of the services fireplace owners need to keep their fire burning bright for years to come.

Celebrate 2020 with 20% off Select Wood Stoves

Don't drop the ball on this opportunity to purchase a wood-burning stove for less money! For a limited time, Peachtree Comfort Gallery, the go-to gas fireplace repair company in Gwinnett County, GA, is offering 20% off the retail price of a number of its wood stoves. But hurry. This offer will only last while supplies last!

A Higher Resale Value for Homes in Georgia Is a Call Away

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Designing the Perfect Fireplace Is Only a Click Away

Finding the right fireplace unit has never been easier thanks to Peachtree Comfort Gallery's new FireBuilder App! This fireplace installation company in Gwinnett County, GA, added an online tool that makes it simple for homeowners to design the ideal fireplace for their home. After locking in their design, Georgians can rely on Peachtree's expert fireplace installation services to bring this vision to life.

Georgians Are Turning Efficiency Fright Into Affordable, Cozy Delight

There's nothing cozier than snuggling up in front of a fireplace, watching its flames dance. However, what's not so cozy about a fireplace is its efficiency. At best, wood-burning fireplaces have a dismal 10 percent efficiency rating—which means 90 percent of the heat it produces never makes its way into the home.

High Cholesterol Levels Are Getting Grilled

On the fence about purchasing a new outdoor cooker? Here's why now is the perfect time to buy a gas grill in Suwanee, GA, from Peachtree Comfort Gallery: It's National Cholesterol Education Month and a grill can help lower high cholesterol.

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Peachtree Comfort Gallery views its customers as its greatest asset. As a way to express its gratitude, the favorite store for buying gas grills in Gwinnett County, GA, will host a customer appreciation event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 24.

Get a Taste of New Financing Option for Grills and Smokers

When choosing where to purchase a gas grill in Fulton County, GA, price is a major deciding factor—and this can lead buyers to the doors of large chain stores. Unfortunately, big chains often limit consumers' options to lower-quality, mass-produced outdoor cookers. As a result, buyers lose out because top-of-the-line brands offer a noticeable improvement in taste, durability and capabilities.