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Peak Performance Taking on New Clients Who Are Considering Professional Life Coaching Services

Most people go through life unable to reach their true potential due to internal struggles, image dissatisfaction, unhealthy physical and emotional lifestyles, or any number of self- or society-inflicted obstacles. Luckily, Peak Performance in-person and virtual life coaches in South Jersey can help clients build their physical and mental strength through a series of coaching sessions, exercises, and goal-setting and accountability strategies. This summer, Peak Performance is taking on new clients who wish to unleash their potential, access lost stores of energy, and create better versions of themselves.

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Names NYC as Top Travel Incentive Destination

Businesses looking for employee recognition programs or a travel destination for hard-working employees can find solace in the Big Apple. Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives has named New York City as a top travel incentive destination. Jam-packed with various activities, the city that never sleeps is capable of accommodating a variety of age groups and budget levels. The company offers information on the top five spots in NYC that are suitable for young and middle-aged professionals and their families.

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Shares New Insight on Benefits of Employee Travel Incentives

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives encourages businesses to choose employee recognition programs that allow employees to recharge. The best way to get employees to recharge is to reward them with travel incentives including vacations. Vacation days are one of the most important long-term success factors because they allow employees time where they can spend time away from the office and relax. They are also one of the most important factors to an employee’s mental health because they allow the employee to stay motivated and productive when they return to the office.

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Announce New Deals & Destinations This February

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives, a company based on providing incentive travel programs for clients around the globe, is pleased to announce they are offering new deals and destinations this February. After surviving the busy holiday season, the company looks forward to giving their clients the opportunity to get warm by leaving ice cold temperatures. If tropical climates like the Caribbean or Mexico travel destinations on everyone’s minds, now is the perfect time to put plans in motion.

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Announces Tips on Revamping Presidents' Club Rewards System

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives is pleased to announce tips on how businesses can revamp their Presidents’ Club Rewards System. As 2014 begins to heat up, it is imperative to look at how employees are responding to a rewards’ program. If business owners or company executives feel that it is not motivating the staff in the way it was intended to do so, it may be the perfect time to revamp it. Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives offers three compelling ways to do so in 2014.

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Now Offering to Coordinate Sales Incentive Programs This Winter

As the end of the year is approaching rapidly, many companies and businesses are beginning to review the year that has passed. Going over quotas, sales, and performances, CEOs and business managers will be thinking of ways to give back to their employees for a special holiday season. A great way to show appreciation and inspire others in the work force to work hard is incentive packages. This winter, as quotas are met and finances are available in the beginning of 2014, Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives is pleased to announce they are now offering their services to coordinate sales incentive programs.

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Now Offering Customized Group Travel Incentives Packages

Planning a travel incentive for employees is a huge motivator to reach goals by a set date. They provide rewards for the hardworking individuals in the office. Every company has a different budget and different ideas in mind when it comes to planning incentive packages for those accomplished and respected employees. To help their clients get the most out of their rewards, Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives is pleased to announce they are now offering customized group travel incentive packages.

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Now Offering Clients to Build Their Own Travel Incentive

When it comes to planning a company trip or a get-away with some of the top performers of the quarter—or year—it can be grueling and time consuming to think of the perfect place to go. Once that decision has been reached, it takes extra time to plan all the activities and entertainment that will take place while on the trip. Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives is pleased to announce they are now offering their valued clients the chance to build their own travel incentive programs.

Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives Now Offering Free Maui Jim Sunglasses when Booking Group Travel Incentives

One of the most exciting times for a business is the announcement that employees are being treated to a getaway vacation or retreat when reaching a certain goal. Traveling with coworkers and employers builds employee morale and motivates the workers to continue their efforts in order to reach the next goal. Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives is pleased to announce they are now offering free Maui Jim sunglasses for employee participants who book their group incentive travel programs by December 15, 2013. Maui Jim is a luxury sunglasses retailer offering both men’s and women’s stylish, athletic-type sunglasses.

New Study Validates Importance of Personalized Recognition of Employees

Recent studies show the importance of tailored, non-cash incentives, which has been completed by the Incentive Research Foundation. Peak Performance Meetings & Incentives released the results of the IRF study that goes to show how effective travel incentive programs are. “This important study underlines what we have experienced in our business while dealing with today’s highly-educated work force," stated Bruce Rickert, President of PPS. “The ability to customize a plan to employee desires and specific corporate goals is crucial in the evolving work place.”