Prisoner Rehabilitation Aide with Pen Pal Services

Logo"Prisoners are persons whom the most of us would rather not think about." – Leoteien Bleeker

Change America by Being a Mentor

LogoThis legacy is based on influence that children develop their moral compass in their early years. That compass is what guides their judgment in the years that follow. A single broken link in a child's chain of development can have a negative effect on the rest of their life. In some cases, a poor choice can result in long incarcerations. After which a change must be made to set a misguided compass back on course. That's why Penacon, a inmate pen pal/friend website has stepped forward to offer a second chance. They now make it possible for anyone, who wants to have a positive influence on a hurting soul, to take the opportunity to set someone's life back on track.

Tired of Being Lonely?

LogoFind that person with a broad spectrum of life's experiences. Someone who really understands the value of quality time. It's time to discover the world's best kept secret to passion, romance, or true friendship. It's time to discover Penacon.

The Innocent Suffer the Most

LogoOne of the most painful aspects is not knowing what effect that long-term loneliness has on our loved ones. The effects of depression that follow can be debilitating. In the past, prisoners fought the emotional damage of incarceration by corresponding with those they love on the outside. Because of the limits on their own time, friends and family members of prisoners enrolled their imprisoned loved ones in pen pal programs. For years pen pal services were an essential part that helped incarcerated Americans battle the emotional scars. Today, the pen pal business is in a huge transition. Now privacy laws in many places forbid the distribution of pen pal lists. This hurt imprisoned Americans and their family members the most.

Volunteer in Your Pajamas from Home, No Credit Card Required

LogoMake a meaningful difference in someone’s life in the comfort of your pajamas from home. Micro-volunteering from home in thirty minutes or less was founded by Help From Home..

Do Pen Pals REALLY Make a Difference to the Incarcerated?

LogoYES! The prison industry is a large one and can be a profitable one for many undeserving companies and organizations that make promises to inmates that they know cannot be kept. They often times take advantage and take money from both the inmates and their loved ones playing on their emotions to find them some kind of companionship while loved ones on the outside still have to deal with the day to day of life in the free world....BUT not all companies are the same. PENACON is not the same.