National Company Helps Americans Cope with the Change of the Seasons

LogoAs summer ends and fall begins, it's easy to slip into a minor depression. This effect has to do with change and anxiety and can come about when the days start getting shorter. This is the time to put the bathing suits away and start gearing up for back to school, and your body knows the difference. Likewise, everyone recognizes the end of the outdoor activities with friends and family and the meeting of new people. There is hope, even in the fall and winter people can search for and meet new friends on Penacon (

Pen Pal Company Connects Faith Based Organizations with the Prisoners Who Need Them

LogoNationwide pen pal company takes the next step, to help incarcerated people with a hand up in life. It is common knowledge that everyone possesses their own unique talents and skills. Even companies have specialties, and those specialties can be used for the greater good. At their specialty is connecting prisoners with people on the outside, safely. Now, they use their specialty to help faith-based organizations and individuals connect with prisoners at no cost to those willing to mentor a prisoner.

Pen Pals Make Huge Difference in Criminal Justice Reform

LogoWeb based pen pal company identifies regular correspondence as a positive step in fighting crime and recidivism. As with many people, prisoners gravitate to places where they feel wanted and accepted. While incarcerated, prisoners seek that connection to the outside through letters and phone calls with even the newest of friends. Most prisoners are known to stand in a mail call line, even when they are expecting nothing to arrive. A well-known Pen Pal service ( gives everyone the power to fight crime and recidivism with messages and letters of encouragement.

Many People Find Companionship to Be the Gateway to Inner Peace

LogoIt has been proven time and again, that people who enjoy companionship are happier than those who do not. Likewise, people who cannot find companionship often fall into depression. The desire for personal interaction, today, is so prevalent in our society that literally billions of dollars are spent to find it. And thousands of businesses, organizations, and churches are established to fulfill the need. One unique company stands out as they serve a truly oppressed clientele. Penacon ( reaches out to prisoners and their families as they struggle to stay together. Penacon encourages all loved ones of prisoners to establish prisoner profiles for the prisoners that they love.

Incarcerated People Fight Depression with Romance and Friendship

LogoWarm weather is right around the corner and with it comes the emotions that drive love, romance and friendship. This is the time of year when people gather. Many of whom meet the love of their life, their soulmate or just a best friend. We as people are driven to join together in the springtime more than any other season of the year. When we find ourselves unable to mingle, however, we as social creatures feel an equally opposite and destructive emotion. No one suffers this despair more than prisoners and their loved ones. This season hope for the incarcerated and their families is restored by Penacon (

Valentine's Day Celebrations Expected to Suffer This Year

LogoWith all that is going on in America's communities it would be easy to believe that love is dead this Valentine's Day. February 14 is the day of love in many communities. It is the time to make new connections and to celebrate old ones. It is a time when family and friends ordinarily gather, and romance is in the air. This year, however, the air is filled with fear and reservation. But there is hope with Penacon (

Discover the Most Successful Resolutions for 2021

LogoAt the start of every year people often resolve to make their life better. Among the most common resolutions is to lose weight, be happier and to save money. As with most New Year's resolutions these, too, are not likely to survive the first month. Luckily, some resolutions need only the first month to have a long-lasting effect.

Many People Are Hard to Buy for During the Holidays

LogoThere is a hard to buy for person on every Christmas list. This, coupled with gift availability, can turn hard to buy for into almost impossible. If, however, the loved one is in prison, the almost impossible turns into total frustration. There is an easy answer for families with incarcerated loved ones to send inmates gifts.

Loneliness Has Been Identified as a Leading Cause of Depression

LogoWith the new millennium came the widespread use of email, text messaging and new ideas for the application of artificial intelligence. These new features of life have made most tasks easier, faster and more efficient. But, has the increased ease of the average day minimized the need for human interactions?

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