Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists

Dr. Annette Lee Named 2014 Top Doctor for Chalfont, PA by Castle Connolly

LogoCastle Connolly Medical Ltd., is America's trusted source for identifying Top Doctors. The organization has selected Chalfont's Dr. Annette Lee for inclusion in its highly selective list of Castle Connolly Top Doctors for the year 2014. Dr. Annette Lee is a specialist in reproductive endocrinology, and is the head physician at Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists, a Chalfont-based fertility clinic serving the Philadelphia area.

Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists Shares Important Information Regarding IVF Success Rates

LogoPennsylvania Reproductive Specialists, an award-winning fertility clinic based outside of Philadelphia, frequently shares enlightening information about reproductive technology with its patients, in keeping with its patient-centered philosophy. Recently, the clinic shared information regarding a recent report on the success rates of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments that used fresh embryos versus those that used frozen ones.

Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists Shares Hopeful News for Future of Fertility Treatment

LogoPennsylvania Reproductive Specialists, routinely recognized as one of the leading fertility clinics in the Philadelphia area, regularly shares information with their patients to better educate them on fertility science and developments in the field. Recently, the clinic shared a Medical Daily article, which reported on a study that details promising developments in the field of genetic research for infertility treatment.

New Method of Analyzing Embryos May Boost Success at Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists

LogoAccording to a July 8, 2015, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News article entitled, "Faster Identification of 'Best' Embryos May Boost IVF Success," researchers at Igenomix, Oregon Health & Science University, Stanford University and the University of Valencia have jointly found that a new form of analysis may lead to quicker and more precise identification of embryos suitable for implantation in IVF procedures. Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists, one of the leading fertility clinics in the Philadelphia area, welcomes this news as a potential sign of higher IVF success rates in the future.

Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists Caution Against Fertility Scams

LogoA recent About Health article written by fertility expert Rachel Gurevich explains why many offers that purport to sell miracle fertility drugs are exploitative scams. Even when well-intentioned sellers of off-market prescription drugs might not be as reliable as they claim to be. Purchasing these drugs or treatments puts patients' wallets and health at risk. Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists, a clinic offering IVF in Philadelphia, supports Gurevich's cautionary statements and urges its patients to make sure that they obtain fertility treatments only from reputable doctors

Hormone May Improve Infertility Treatments at Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists

LogoAs reported by Independent Online, British researchers have identified a human hormone that could be a boon to women who are struggling with infertility. As scientists continue to investigate the effects of the hormone on fertility and IVF treatments, their discoveries could lead directly to higher success rates. Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists, a fertility clinic in Philadelphia, provides in vitro fertilization and other treatments to women who are struggling with an inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term.

IVF Test May Lead Directly to Increased Success at Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists

LogoPennsylvania Reproductive Specialists of Philadelphia have already helped thousands of couples conceive, earning them one of the highest IVF success rates out of all fertility doctors in the Philadelphia area. Dr. Annette Lee and her team are always looking for ways to improve results for their patients. Recently, research in Europe has led to the development of a test, now in its initial stages, for optimal fertility treatment timing.

Discovery May Lead Directly to Increased IVF Success at Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists

LogoA recent study reveals that researchers have discovered a possible cause of in vitro fertilization implantation failure. The study, published in the Journal of Cell Science, was conducted by scientists at the University of Manchester's Institute of Human Development. According to the study, it possible that microRNA molecule levels can affect the implantation rate of embryos during IVF procedures. Study results like these may directly lead to improved technology and increased success rates at Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists, an IVF clinic near Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists Announces Enrollment for a 3 IVF Clinical Trial Is Ending Soon

LogoEveryone deserves the opportunity to have a child. Unfortunately, around 15% of couples face an uphill battle and have difficulty conceiving. Helping further in vitro fertilization research, Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists has announced that enrollment for their 3 IVF clinical trial coming to an end. The study is being conducted to test a new follicle stimulating hormone treatment in order to compare it to a similar treatment that has been approved in America called Gonal-f.

Major Corporations Now Cover Cryopreservation Conducted by Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists

LogoCompanies like Facebook and Apple always seem to be at the forefront of not only their respected industries, but also at the forefront of new business practices. In their latest workplace revolution, these companies are now covering cryopreservation for women, a service conducted at Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists. This coverage has created a controversy between those in support of it and those who see it as a way of encouraging women to put off pregnancy.