Peter Leeds Forecast "It's the Right Time for Penny Stocks Trading"

As per Leeds’s analysis, “Since fund flows usually precede market movements, we can look at the recent stock market rally as set in motion ahead of the Fed announcement. To put it another way, only a draconian announcement by the Fed would have succeeded in derailing this week's rally.”

Peter Leeds Now Introduces Top Penny Stock Financials for Traders

Their goal is to provide traders and novice investors the tools and information they need to make wise investment decisions.

The Leading Penny Stock Advisor, Peter Leeds, Publishes 'Penny Stocks for Dummies'

Along with basic trading strategies, the book also covers more advanced topics including how ‘dilution’ can affect a trader and shareholder. As per Mr. Peter Leeds, “dilution can be dual faced if a company doubles the total amount of shares it has outstanding, the amount of money that each share represents theoretically drops in half.”

Peter Leeds Now Naming Fundamentally Sound Top Penny Stocks for Traders

Discovering top penny stocks; and investing in them, can really multiply earnings but it’s necessary for investors to pick their investments carefully. Therefore, the best stocks to invest in are those that pass Leeds Analysis. These are top companies that have proven management teams, growing market share, strong financial results, and solid fundamentals.

Social Media Becomes the Latest Platform for Revealing Hot Penny Stocks by Peter Leeds

Peter Leeds now reveals valuable penny stocks to his fans and customers through social media. Traders can visit his social media pages, including Facebook, to get all the latest unbiased updates on the hot penny stocks. The information that is available includes the hottest stock picks, overall day performance of the markets, and other tips to help readers select the best companies to invest in.

Professional and Top Media Outlets Trust Peter Leeds for Top Penny Stocks

All of the suggestions by Peter Leeds have a high potential to earn profits for newsletter subscribers, and various media outlets routinely bring him on for interviews about penny stocks. His knowledge and expertise is readily available and widely received. “Supported by a full team of hand-picked individuals, he has the background, resources, and strategies to keep uncovering exciting companies whose prices are about to skyrocket”, added a spokesperson.

Peter Leeds Now Brings Fresh Strategies for Buying or Selling Top Penny Stocks

When following the Peter Leeds fundamental, technical, and third level analysis, buying and selling penny stocks becomes very simple. In fact, for a novice trader, penny stocks are a great way to enter the market. Peter Leeds gives traders access to everything that they need to get started, and be successful.

Peter Leeds Now Covered by Media to Get Unbiased Updates on Hot Penny Stocks

Peter Leeds, the penny stocks specialist, is frequently discussed by investors and the media because he is one of the only people who provides a service where traders can receive unbiased updates on hot penny stocks - All of the updates pass Peter’s fundamental, technical, and third level analyses that are included in the Leeds Analysis process. Traders and fans can go through these unbiased recommendations and evaluate opportunities before investing into the markets.

Peter Leeds Now Introduces Top Penny Stock Books for Novice Investors

Peter Leeds, a renowned financial analyst, now publishes several top penny stock books for novice investors. These are ‘Invest in Penny Stocks’ and ‘Penny Stocks for Dummies’. The books provide invaluable free tips to traders and help them learn how to get started in trading. With Peter Leeds’ books, traders learn the upsides of penny stocks and the right ways and wrong ways to invest in this lucrative market.

Peter Leeds Now Launches His Latest E-Book to Aid Trading Top Penny Stocks

The e-book “Pennies to Fortunes” has answers for all of the questions that a trader might ask. The key features include, the 3 Don'ts of penny stocks, important penny stock truths, insider secrets, best sources of penny stock picks, averaging down, and why to avoid it, reverse Splits and how they trick you.