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Dr. Jay Parnes Decries Tulsa Dentist's Poor Infection Control

LogoThe Oklahoma state dental board is offering free testing to Doctor Scott Wayne Harrington's patients after a 17-count complaint revealed his allegedly poor sterilization practices could have put them at risk for contracting HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B. Patients received a letter from the Tulsa Health Department on Friday informing them of an inquiry into Harrington's practice and advising them to get screened.

Jay Parnes, DDS Invited to Be Contributing Author

LogoThe Dental Library is an assembly of local, prominent dental professionals who have agreed to research and write about dental issues and developments for their local area.

Dr. Jay Parnes Installs Digital X-Ray Machine

LogoDr. Parnes and his team are now offering Gendex Digital X-Rays to their dental patients. “The use of this equipment is important because digital x-rays not only expose our patients and staff to 80% less radiation than typical x-rays, they are also more likely to image potential decay than traditional dental x-rays,” said Dr. Parnes.