Pet Fit For Life

F.I.D.O. Crowdfunding Campaign Launches on Kickstarter

LogoWith brother and sister team Holly Scanlan and Scott Steagall at the reigns, Pet Fit For Life introduces F.I.D.O., which is short for Fully Integrated Dog Omni-Trainer. With this innovative new product they hope to change the way pet owners look at the indoor pet potty. The duo came up with the idea after their elderly parents got a new puppy and they saw the need for a product such as F.I.D.O. However, while their inspiration may have been their parent’s problem, they can also see the potential market with other groups as well. Apartment dwellers, the disabled, those residing in areas with inclement weather conditions, or people working longer hours than their pet’s bladder will allow, are just a few of the people who will benefit from F.I.D.O.