Pet Innovations LLC

Invented by a 3-Year-Old, the Worlds First Autonomous Pet Training System the Purrfect Pup Comes to Indiegogo

With a "Why didn't I think of that?" tact, the world's first autonomous pet training system makes its way to Indiegogo. Created by an uncommon trio, a three-year-old, a top GE engineer, and the lead engineer behind the Xbox, the handy dandy device is a game changer for the pet industry. Enter, The Purrfect Pup™ System. Marking territory, it uses a patent-pending sensor that emits an ultrasonic pet-friendly warning sound to train cats and canines via Bluetooth technology. The new dog product helps keep pets out of harm's way and improves common behaviors like chewing, begging, digging, jumping, and bark control; not to mention getting into the trash and drinking from the toilet. Leave it to a kid in the digital age to inspire change in the world of dog training, right?